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New Approach for Treatment of Foot Pain


NYDNRehab clinic introduces new approach for treatment of foot pain in NYC

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 13, 2015

The Latest Foot Pain Treatment at the NYDNRehab

Foot disorders and pains are normally treated by podiatrists and orthopedists with the help of orthotics, surgeries and steroid injections. The traditional care has been restricted to passive pain management therapies, stretching and muscle strengthening. Neither the conservative nor the invasive foot treatment strategies addressed the causation of the disorder. Filling the foot with orthotics culminated in limiting the foot movement which normally resulted in awfully minimal improvements. The application of orthotics in therapeutic purposes has minimal benefits. However, during the last 10 years, the technological revolution in art of movement as well as gait analysis has presented substantial evidence that human body operates as a holistic system.

The NYDNRehab's New Approach

If you are experiencing some pain on your feet or you walk with trouble, visit the New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation. This is a top health facility for general physical therapy in the city of New York. They offer comprehensive body services while applying a robust approach in their therapies. The facility offers its services in Manhattan, Midtown and the greater New York City. The holistic approaches include physical procedures, non-surgical therapies and other innovative methods. The NYDNRehab scientifically integrated the therapeutic approach in the treatment of foot conditions. You must reckon that walking is something that all human beings are destined to do from their birth, since it is imprinted in their DNA. The NYDNRehab's new foot treatment approach bases itself on modern research in gait analysis. The foundation of gait approach is based in the analysis of the reaction of the foot to the ground. The reaction changes the alignment of the entire body according to a phase in walking. Therefore, the correction should always begin from the foot. That allows good adaptation to the ground reaction. This is because the right alignment of the foot in relation to the rest of the body segments in particular phase of gait generates optimized motor management. This results in correct muscular action optimization in time to slow down the entire body mass forward movement. Here, joints are unloaded and foot muscles work in the optimal system. This results in efficient and effortless movements in human beings. Feet are very vital body organs and it is their function that governs the entire body. During walking, when the feet meet the ground, the body joints acts so as to adapt to the ground reaction force and the gravity demands .This in turn makes the muscles to react to the joint actions so as to slow down the body mass going forward. All the traditional approaches in physical treatment have been focusing on conscious muscle activation. The new NYDNRehab approach is based on a conflicting concept whereby body muscles are prompted to act to the movement and alignment in the precise phase of walking. They use gait as a reference since it presents a pretty simple and consistent approach of looking at the human body in motion. They can adequately assess various phases in the walking cycle when clear entire-body pattern occur.

Most foot conditions involve joints and other soft tissues such as tendons, muscles and fascias. Due to this, symptoms are normally deep, dull and achy with chronic cases. Specific body point tenderness and sharp aches are also common when the condition is acute or when the nerve tissue is affected.

Causes of FOOT PAIN

Foot pains mostly result from a combination of varying factors. Structural predispositions as well as poor biomechanics are among of the key factors. Loss of motor control and poor biomechanics do not occur always in the feet but are very commonly dispersed all through the lower kinetic system from the pelvis down to the foot.

Differential diagnosis

In NYDNRehab most common foot disorders are diagnosed with examination coupled with clinical history. MRI, X-ray and diagnostic ultrasound may be required to see the precise problem.

Treatment at NYDNRehab

The NYDNRehab has tested and proved their new approach, which is a combination of manual foot operation, specific foot myofascial release, acupuncture, lower kinetic chain exercises and extracorporeal shockwave procedure. The approach has proved to be better than orthotic correction and steroid injection therapies. The treatment is functional as well as integrative. Their treatment is customized based on sophisticated walking analysis diagnostic findings of the patients.

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