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"Cicetti Brain Mapping" Study Shows Significant Reduction in Anxiety in Less Than a Week with CBD Zone's Pharma Grade 25mg Cannabidiol (CBD) Gel Caps


A study was conducted this year by New Directions, LLC of Boynton Beach, Fl, one of the nations' leading biofeedback neuro-recovery centers. New Directions is owned by neuropsychologist Dr. Lisa Cicetti, Psy.D. LMHC, BE, The facility specializes in addiction recovery and brain trauma recovery. To their credit, and staffing 6 PhD's, each an expert in their own field, they produced a White Paper pilot study on the effects of CBD on the brain.

The "Cicetti Brain Mapping" illustration is a collective brain map of the effects of CBD on the brain after 2-4 weeks of taking CBD. This image shows the collective change of all the participants (see image at: A significant finding was an increase in "relaxing" slow wave surface amplitudes in the posterior section of the brain; a pattern commonly associated with increased relaxation and emotional composure.

It states in U.S. Government patent #6,630,507 on cannabidiol, that CBD has properties as a neuro-protectant, anti-epileptic/anti-seizure, antioxidant, protects the brain from ischemic damage, protects cells of the nervous system, brain and nerves, protects against cellular damage, and has an anti-anxiety effect. And further we know that CBD can have positive effects on the endocannabinoid system and endocannabinoid deficiency.

Lisa Cicetti, Psy.D., LMHC, BE, CEO of New Directions LLC, a leader in brain based drug rehabilitation market has announced a new company has been created to distribute professional grade CBD products. CBD Zone LLC is a new distributor of the new 5 mg silver, 25mg gold, and 50 mg platinum CBD Gel Caps providing an alternative to tinctures and drops. CBD Zone products contain Pharma Grade CBD Isolate from CBD Pur US, a leading provider of high quality Pure CBD isolate. Over time, hemp oils and organic matter may breed and grow unwanted bacteria. CBD Pur US adds an additional patent pending filtering process to screen out unwanted organic debris to ensure purity and safety. CBD Pur US is certified free of heavy metals and other contaminants. CBD Zone offers over-the-counter products that do not require a prescription and are legal in all 50 states. For Lisa Cicetti, Psy.D., LMHC, BE, and her team, the study continues for CBD, its effects on the brain, and uncovering the many great benefits of CBD.

To view the white paper, visit cannabidiol industry website:

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