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Secure Nao Has Started a Revolution


Corbin Bridge, Secure Nao (pronounced "now") President today announces the Secure Nao Insertable™ microchip as the most secure way to protect your identity, money, and all other personal information.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 18, 2015

A recent FTC report cites identity theft as the No. 1 consumer complaint of 2014, putting it at the top of the list for the 15th consecutive year. Of 2.6 million complaints made to the commission, state and federal law enforcement agencies, national consumer protection organizations and nongovernmental organizations, 13 percent were about identity theft, with debt collection and impostor scams accounting for 11 percent each.

And according to a report in The Economist "Total global payment-card fraud losses were $11.3 billion in 2012, up nearly 15% from the prior year. The United States—the only country in which counterfeit-card fraud is consistently growing—accounted for 47% of that amount, according to the Nilson Report: card issuers lost $3.4 billion and merchants another $1.9 billion."

Secure Nao is a subcutaneous insertable microchip that has a unique sixteen-digit identification number associated with it. The chip is registered online and all information and identification is stored securely in the cloud. An online account allows for updates to information as well as removing information.

Corbin Bridge, Secure Nao President was driven to develop this solution after he was the victim of identity theft as a result of medical insurance records being breached.

Secure Nao hopes to enter into joint ventures to start production as early as October, 2015.

To learn more about how you can start protecting your identity visit and follow us on Twitter at @securenao.

Welcome to the Revolution!

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