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Intercontinental Exchange Reports ICE and NYSE Monthly Statistics for July 2015; Energy Daily Volume up 3%, Ags up 8%, Cash Equities up 23% over Prior July


Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), the leading global network of exchanges and clearing houses, today reported July exchange traded volume.

ICE's July 2015 futures and options average daily volume (ADV) increased 1% compared to July 2014.

  • Commodity ADV increased 4% led by gasoil, other oil, natural gas and sugar ADV up 25%, 7%, 6% and 15% respectively, from the prior July.
  • Financials ADV declined 2% from the previous July primarily due to single stock equity futures volume declines, partially offset by European short-term interest rate volumes, which increased 18% year to year.

NYSE's U.S. cash equities ADV increased 23%, while U.S. equity options ADV declined 14% over the prior July. NYSE's U.S. cash equities market share was 23.8% and NYSE's U.S. options market share was 19.9%.


ICE Futures & Options ADV (contracts in 000s)

    ADV July 2015   ADV July 2014   Change y/y
Brent   787   827   -5%
Gasoil   245   196   25%
Other Oil (1)   311   290   7%
TOTAL OIL   1,342   1,313   2%
Natural Gas (2)   788   746   6%
Power (3)   94   90   4%
Emissions & Other (4)   32   39   -18%
TOTAL ENERGY   2,256   2,188   3%
Sugar (5)   135   117   15%
Other Ags & Metals (6)   152   147   3%
TOTAL COMMODITIES   2,543   2,452   4%
Interest Rates            
Short-term Interest Rates (7)   1,032   877   18%
Medium & Long-term Interest Rates (8)   156   136   14%
TOTAL INTEREST RATES   1,187   1,014   17%
Equity Indices (9)   291   317   -8%
Single Stock Equities (10)   243   448   -46%
TOTAL FX & CREDIT (11)   43   20   111%
TOTAL FINANCIALS   1,763   1,800   -2%
TOTAL FUTURES & OPTIONS   4,306   4,252   1%


Note: Figures may not foot due to rounding.
(1) "Other Oil" includes futurized oil, WTI, Heating Oil, RBOB Gasoline and Middle East Sour Crude, excludes Daily Brent Bullets.
(2) "Natural Gas" includes North American, UK and European Natural Gas.
(3) "Power" includes North American, UK and European Power.
(4) "Emissions & Other" includes emissions, freight, coal, iron ore and uranium.
(5) "Sugar" includes Sugar No. 11, Sugar No. 16 and White Sugar.
(6) "Other Ags & Metals" includes Cocoa ($), Cocoa (£),Coffee "C", Robusta Coffee, Cotton No. 2, Orange Juice, Corn, Feed Wheat, Soybeans, Barley, Canola, Mini Gold and Mini Silver contracts.

(7) "Short-term Interest Rates" includes Euribor, Sterling, Swiss, Eonia, Eurodollar, Short Gilt, European Government Bonds and DTCC GCF Repo Index® contracts.

(8) "Medium & Long-Term Rates" includes Gilt, Swapnotes, Japanese Government Bonds, European Government Bonds, Treasuries and U.S. Government Bonds and Ultrabond contracts and ERIS interest rate futures.

(9) "Equity Indices" includes FTSE 100®, FTSE 100 Dividend®, price return and net total return versions of MSCI EAFE®, MSCI Emerging Markets®, MSCI Europe®, and MSCI World®, Russell 2000®, Russell 1000®.

(10) "Single Stock Equities" includes equities domiciled in 25 countries that trade in the UK.
(11) "TOTAL FX & CREDIT" includes futures and options for the U.S. Dollar Index, foreign exchange and ERIS CDS credit futures.

ICE Futures & Options Rolling Three-Month Average Rate per Contract (RPC)

Three Months Three Months Three Months
Futures & Options Ending Ending Ending
Products   July 2015   June 2015   May 2015
Energy   $1.30   $1.32   $1.35
Agricultural & Metals   $2.37   $2.38   $2.34
Total Commodities   $1.44   $1.48   $1.48
Interest Rates   $0.58   $0.56   $0.57
Total Financials   $0.56   $0.53   $0.53


RPC is calculated by dividing transaction revenues by contract volume, and may vary based on pricing, customer and product mix. RPC is subject to revision based on final numbers.


ICE Futures & Options Open Interest (contracts in 000s)

    July 31, 2015   Dec 31, 2014
Energy   39,290   38,436
Agricultural & Metals   3,667   3,308
Total Commodities   42,958   41,744
Interest Rates   15,932   13,042
Total Financials   29,931   26,332

U.S. Equity Options (contracts in 000s)

ADV July ADV July Change
    2015   2014   y/y
NYSE Equity Options(1)   3,083   3,592   -14%
Total U.S. Options Volume   15,461   14,656   5%
NYSE Share of Group Total   19.9%   24.5%   -4.6pts

(1) "NYSE Equity Options" includes NYSE Amex Options and NYSE Arca Options trading in U.S. equity options contracts.


NYSE U.S. Equity Options Rolling Three-Month Average Rate per Contract (RPC)

Three Months Three Months Three Months
Ending Ending Ending
    July 2015   June 2015   May 2015
NYSE US Equity Options   $0.16   $0.17   $0.18

NYSE U.S. Cash Products (shares in millions)

ADV July ADV July Change
    2015   2014   y/y
NYSE Listed (Tape A) Issues            
Handled Volume (1)   1,130   939   20%
Matched Volume(2)   1,113   920   21%
Total NYSE Listed Consolidated Volume   3,560   3,052   17%
Share of Total Matched Consolidated Volume   31.3%   30.1%   1.1pts
NYSE Arca, MKT and Regional (Tape B) Listed Issues            
Handled Volume (1)   291   204   43%
Matched Volume(2)   278   193   44%
Total NYSE Arca and MKT Listed Consolidated Volume   1,333   875   52%
Share of Total Matched Consolidated Volume   20.9%   22.1%   -1.2pts
Nasdaq Listed (Tape C) Issues            
Handled Volume (1)   224   193   16%
Matched Volume(2)   214   181   19%
Total Nasdaq Listed Consolidated Volume   1,853   1,803   3%
Share of Total Matched Consolidated Volume   11.6%   10.0%   1.5pts
TOTAL U.S. Cash Market Share Matched   23.8%   22.6%   1.2pts
TOTAL ADV U.S. Cash Shares Handled   1,645   1,336   23%


(1)   "Handled Volume" represents the total number of shares of equity securities, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and crossing session activity internally matched on NYSE Group's exchanges or routed to and executed on an external market center.
(2) "Matched Volume" represents the total number of shares of equity securities, ETFs and crossing session activity executed on NYSE Group's exchanges.
NYSE U.S. Cash Rolling Three-Month Revenue Capture
(per 100 shares)
Three Months Three Months Three Months
Ending Ending Ending
    July 2015   June 2015   May 2015
U.S. Cash Products   $0.051   $0.051   $0.051

Trading days in July 2015:

  • Interest Rates, Single Stock Equity Derivatives: 23
  • Commodities, Other Financials: 22
  • U.S. Cash Equities, U.S. Equity Options: 22

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