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lollicam, Pioneering A Whole New Way of Editing Mobile Selfie Video


lollicam proposes pre-prcoessing concept while recording. In short, it is a real­-time mobile video editing tool with unique face tracking stickers and Hollywood style effects for video selfie-holics.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) July 28, 2015

A fun mobile video app suggesting a whole new way of everyday video editing, lollicam was launched in 10 different countries on July 27th, via the Google Play Store. Seerslab's CEO, Michael Chong, has worked in the mobile TV and broadcasting industry for the past 10 years and to him the mobile screen is nothing more than another TV display. With such insights, he and his team are introducing an innovative mobile video editing app that connects two separate fields, broadcasting and information technologies.

Then how exactly is lollicam different from existing camera/video apps?

Camera/video apps up to now have been way too concentrated in technical functions packed with boring and stiff designs/contents and yet the camera is the most personal of apps, closely related with users' personal daily lives and used to express themselves emotionally. The team also believes there has been relatively less and less innovation in camera functions while actually using the camera is one of the Top 5 of most used functions.

Firstly, most traditional camera and video apps focus on taking/editing photos and videos as realistically as possible. Therefore, they have copied popular DSLR filters or brought complex video editing features from high­end industrial software and workstations. In contrast, the lollicam team believes that lollicam selfie ought instead to be a magic mirror, showing an idyllic view of themselves, not what they already see everyday. lollicam continually analyzes the users' faces and processes in the background to give them the most optimal appearance possible in real­time. While users can't even notice the subtle processing, with lollicam, users will simply look hotter and better than with other apps.

Secondly, most other existing mobile video editing apps use post­process editing, which means users can only decorate videos after they've taken them. lollicam, however, is heavily focused on pre­process editing which decorates and edits selfie videos before or as they are taken. Existing video apps basically have tried hard to shrink complex PC­based video editing interfaces to small mobile screens. The pre­processing magic of lollicam lets users apply stickers and effects according to their tastes, take videos as they like, and share them immediately. Through this mobile­friendly application, users don't need to spend time tediously trimming videos on a tiny screen to create videos and share them on their various social network sites.

Lastly, what makes lollicam truly stand out is its content. lollicam's unique cinematic effects and captivating stickers have never been introduced in any other mobile camera or video app. lollicam users, therefore, can direct and produce their own Hollywood style videos to easily capture their everyday lives. lollicam also has plans to cooperate with major content providers such as Walt Disney to continuously provide various premium stickers and effects which their users can enjoy daily. Imagine how fascinating it would be if the users could easily try on and play with the animated stickers and effects of newly released Disney films? lollicam is expected to evolve from a simple video creation tool into a broadcasting platform to deliver new and trendy content to enhance users' everyday lives.

B​efore this coming international launch, lollicam has already gone through two months of beta testing in the world's most dynamic mobile market, South Korea, with exciting results. With minimal marketing, lollicam has already passed 300,000 downloads. This number can be expected to be about 30 million downloads if launched in China, as their market is far bigger than South Korea's. It has also successfully built a viral loop, as its users spontaneously recommend the product and its content to other users.

While existing camera and video apps have only been expected to record special and memorable moments, lollicam is expected to open up a whole new market of this sector which can create special and memorable moments by simply opening and clicking on the lollicam app. That's why the lollicam team believes they can bring the fun and excitement of Hollywood into the everyday lives of millions of users who can share these special and precious experiences with family and friends.

After this global launch, lollicam will be released in its iOS version within the following month of August. By the end of this year, its global launch across all nations for both Android and iOS versions will be completed.

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