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Recent Article on Gold Imports Demonstrates the Booming US Appetite for Fine Jewelry, Says Diamond Forever Jewelry


While the record setting report shows that Americans are eager to purchase jewelry, Diamond Forever Jewelry notes that it is still important to take time with each purchase.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2015

According to an article published July 10th on, gold jewelry imports increased in the month of May to meet the increased jewelry demand over the Mother's Day holiday. In fact, the article mentions, a previously published consumer survey estimated that consumers in the United States would spend a record $4.3 billion on jewelry for Mother's Day gifts alone. While yearly records in spending can often be attributed to regular inflation, it is important to note that the inflation rate from May 2014 to May 2015 was perfectly flat at 0.0%. Los Angeles-based jewelry retailer, Diamond Forever Jewelry, notes that this means the demand for jewelry amongst US consumers truly is up. Yet, they note, while the desire to make new purchases is exciting for both shoppers and retailers, it is important for consumers to take their time with each purchase to ensure that they are still getting the best product, at the best price. Diamond Forever Jewelry says that there are several things that shoppers can do to ensure they walk out of the store with the piece best suited to their personal style:

  • "Look at Designer Options" – Jewelry shoppers, especially those who have been buying and wearing jewelry for years, tend to know exactly what they like, says Diamond Forever Jewelry. Yet, new designer jewelry pieces, like fancy yellow diamond rings, are being made each day that showcase originality and elegance beyond what the shopper is typically used to. "Simply put," says Diamond Forever Jewelry, "Shoppers may buy something similar to what they are used to because they are not aware that other unique options exist." Only by looking at every option, they say, can a shopper be sure that he or she is making the right purchase.
"Examine a GIA Report" – To ensure that shoppers have access to an objective third-party opinion of the quality of the pieces in front of them, Diamond Forever Jewelry notes that they use diamonds that are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA reports contain ratings that judge the diamond on a variety of different characteristics including the type of cut, the clarity of the stone, and much more. This way, notes Diamond Forever Jewelry, shoppers do not have to be gemological experts in order to get a great deal on the perfect earrings, engagement rings, or diamond wedding bands.


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