Market Overview Launches New Experience Driven by Video and Mobile Growth


AOL is launching a new ( today that will be a dynamically programmed, mobile-first, personalized content experience. Building off a 93.8% year-over-year increase in video views,[1] is also continuing to transform into a video-driven destination and accelerating video programming with the new experience.

The updated was designed mobile-first to help better serve the new audience visiting from across devices, as mobile UVs have grown 79.5% since June 2014 and now represent 37.8% of's traffic[2]. The new is open with a deliberate and progressive strategy to engage various levels of content creators to drive increased engagement and new audiences. From premium content partners to next-generation creators, as well as content published and trending across social platforms, is a vehicle for all users to consume and engage with the most relevant stories of the moment.

The new is anchored by an agile programming structure, delivering the best real-time content from across platforms and from premium content brands in a dynamic, video-driven, modular format. is programming modules designed to be distributed across social platforms that will deliver content that is trending and relevant based on real-time audience insights. This shift will provide audiences with a robust experience created with depth, breadth, relevance and enhanced personalization technology to drive engagement.

"With the launch of this new experience, we're innovating with our agile programming structure to deliver relevant content dynamically 24/7 across screens, adding value to the always-on nature of today's digital consumer," Maureen Sullivan, President of and Lifestyle Brands said. "Content is infinite but time is not. The key is to deliver what is most relevant, interesting and personalized to people throughout their day."

About AOL

AOL (NYSE: AOL) is a media technology company with a mission to simplify the internet for consumers and creators by unleashing the world's best builders of culture and code. As one of the largest online properties in the U.S., with approximately 200 million monthly consumers of its premium brands, AOL is at the center of disruption of how content is being produced, distributed, consumed and monetized by connecting publishers with advertisers on its global, programmatic content and advertising platforms. AOL's opportunity lies in shaping the future of the digitally connected world for decades to come.

[1] Internal Data, April 2014 & April 2015

[2] Group comScore, June 2014 & April 2015

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