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PharmaSmart® Exclusively Recognized by American Society of Hypertension in New Clinical Guide


A first-of-its-kind clinical guide for blood pressure kiosks has recognized PharmaSmart® as uniquely qualified among kiosks for use in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. The guide, published by the American Society of Hypertension, cited the widespread use of questionable devices, and urged physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to direct their patients only to qualified kiosk devices.

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015 -- The American Society of Hypertension (ASH) has published a first-of-its-kind clinical guideline addressing use and validity of public blood pressure kiosks, entitled "Public Use Blood Pressure Kiosks: A Guide for Clinicians." The guideline recognized PharmaSmart®, a Rochester, NY based leading manufacturer of biometric kiosks, as uniquely qualified among kiosks for use in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.

According to ASH, the guideline is intended to support "physicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists" in the proper use of blood pressure kiosks in clinical care. The authors stated that clinically validated blood pressure kiosks "can be of use in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, especially for the diagnosis of hypertension," yet they warned of the "shortcomings of many kiosks and the frequently inaccurate BP values obtained". PharmaSmart® was the only device named in the guide, and was credited for both its "unique cuff technology that is not limited by arm circumference," and for its peer-reviewed, published clinical accuracy.

In a press release announcing the guide publication, co-author and ASH President Domenic A. Sica, MD, stated, "In the United States alone, more than one million blood pressure readings are taken with public blood pressure kiosks every day. The goal of this new guide is to provide clinicians the information they need to confidently advise patients on the benefits and limitations of public blood pressure kiosks."

The ASH guideline noted the recent FDA consumer update (published June 2014) that outlined the limitations of many FDA cleared kiosk devices. Specifically, the FDA noted the probability of inaccurate readings on large and small arm sizes due to cuff size limitations of many devices. The ASH guideline went on to note that the FDA does not require standardized or peer-reviewed validity testing of blood pressure devices for market clearance. In light of this regulatory gap, the guideline concluded, "the physician and patient need to be aware of the validation status, not just FDA clearance, and be knowledgeable about proper cuff size effects on BP measurement accuracy."    

Bruce S. Alpert, MD, co-author and blood pressure measurement expert, stated, "Self-measurement of blood pressure outside of the office on a validated device provides valuable diagnostic information to the care team, and has been shown to improve the management and control of blood pressure. Research has also demonstrated that integration of the pharmacist into the care model improves blood pressure control. This new guideline recognizes the enormous potential of validated, public-use blood pressure kiosks for improved hypertension diagnosis, treatment, and overall blood pressure control."

Mark Niebylski, PhD, MBA, MS, and Chief Executive Officer of the World Hypertension League, added, "This new guideline reinforces the fact that blood pressure kiosks are not created equal. It is essential that patients, physicians, and pharmacists select the right device. PharmaSmart® offers physicians a credible, accessible, low-cost solution they can recommend to their patients, and it offers pharmacists a unique opportunity to coordinate care with their local physicians in support of improved hypertension screening, diagnosis, and therapy management."

About PharmaSmart®
PharmaSmart®, headquartered in Rochester, NY, USA, currently serves more than 6,500 locations, including retail pharmacies such as, Brookshires Grocery Company, Kinney Drugs, Bartell Drugs, Sav-MorRx/Sav-On Drugs, Nash Finch, Roundy's/Mariano's, Associated Food Stores, Leader, McKesson Health Mart, Good Neighbor, Astrup Drug, Winn Dixie, Big Y Foods, Harmons Grocery, Wal-Mart Canada, Safeway Canada, Loblaw's, Le Groupe Jean Coutu, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall/Katz Group, Sobey's/Lawton's, and other fine pharmacies. PharmaSmart® also serves major worksites, military bases, University Schools of Pharmacy, hospitals and medical clinics. PharmaSmart's PS DataSmart® Health IT database currently holds more than (40) million targeted patient blood pressure readings. For more information visit the company's website at or contact Ashton Maaraba at: (800) 781-0323 x333.


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