New Cloud Services Empower SIMmersion to deliver unparalled virtual training to users across the web

SIMmersion, the leader in virtual reality conversation skills training, delivers simulated role-plays with unique non-branching logic and hours of streaming video. Migrating solutions to the cloud through Amazon Web Services empowers SIMmersion to offer even higher scalability, availability and performance than ever before to users across the web.

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) March 30, 2015

As the leading developer of virtual reality conversation skills training, SIMmersion, LLC is continually striving for innovations that will improve the user experience for all the learners building skills and confidence in important conversations in the Training Center at Recent upgrades harness the potential of the cloud, through Amazon Web Services, to let SIMmersion deliver even greater scalability, availability, and performance to users than ever before.

Each SIMmersion simulation features hours of streaming video and audio, as well as a unique non-branching logic structure that runs complex events and calculates conditional probabilities on the fly at every exchange. Ever since bringing its training systems to the web in 2010, SIMmersion has taken steps to optimize the user experience of accessing these large-scale systems online. The latest round of upgrades doubles down on that promise to users by making use of Simple Storage Services and Cloudfront, two cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services.

Uploading all of SIMmersion's products to the cloud means that they can be available for users to access from many different places all at the same time with no effect on load times or performance. Just as Amazon fulfills retail orders quickly and cheaply by shipping products from the warehouse closest to the customer, SIMmersion's new upgrades will route the traffic from every user to the cloud servers closest to them. Amazon has twenty "edge locations" for its cloud services spread across the US alone that ensure that the vast majority of user requests will be answered by a server only a few hundred miles from their location, instead of all global traffic being routed to a single server in the eastern US.

"Amazon Web Services' offerings are ideal for our needs," says Peter Roca, Vice President of Technology for SIMmersion. "Together, they put us in a perfect position to handle the growth we've been seeing so far in 2015 and are anticipating for the future."

Roca explains that the three key benefits of the Cloud upgrades are increases in:

Scalability. Efficient systems need to be prepared to handle a heavier load without disruption as web traffic increases, and ramp down as demand subsides. By balancing the load across the appropriate edge locations where the users are, the upgrades will help ensure that traffic to SIMmersion's Training Center can reach new highs without users ever being aware of the collective load they represent.

Availability. Downtime becomes a thing of the past with the new cloud services, which are designed for 99.99% availability of data in a given year. Redundancy across the Amazon cloud's massive storage capacity ensures that any one block of servers can experience crashes, failures or go in for maintenance with zero disruption in users' abilities to access their training.

Performance. These services will boost bandwidth for the average user, so accessing the systems and speaking to SIMmersion's simulated characters will be even faster and more immersive than ever before.

"This was the right move for us," says Dale Olsen, PhD, President of SIMmersion. "The infrastructure that we've set up is one aspect of our promise to give our customers the training experience they want, when they want it, the way they want it."

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