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Tempe DUI Lawyer Brian D. Sloan and The DUI Team are Offering No Cost Consultations to People Charged with Driving Under the Influence


People arrested for and accused of DUI in Tempe and the Greater Phoenix area can get a no cost consultation from The DUI Team to learn about their legal options. The defense lawyers at The DUI Team provide the case evaluation to explain reasonable expectations to potential clients.

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) March 12, 2015

Considering hiring a Tempe DUI lawyer? The DUI Team defends people accused of Driving Under the Influence in the Greater Phoenix area. They are now offering no cost consultations to people who have been charged with DUI who are seeking legal representation from and experienced attorney. "We understand that people don't deal with criminal charges on a regular basis. Our team listens to potential clients about what happened and we explain how we can help," says Brian D. Sloan of The DUI Team.

Tempe DUI lawyers should be hired with extreme caution according to Attorney Sloan. "I recently took over a case from a guy who hired a lawyer for $10,000 to represent him on a Misdemeanor DUI. The guy didn't get ANY quality representation, and eventually the lawyer came looking for more money. That lawyer then dropped the guy, because he wouldn't pay more money, and the guy hired me. I charge less than half what that other lawyer charged, and I can honestly say, I have a much more experience than that other lawyer. By the way, I took the case to trial and got the case dismissed."

The DUI Team recently launched a new website at There people can learn more about the attorneys who can help them. Each member has a brief description of their experience so potential clients can choose the best attorney for their particular situation. "The DUI Team is a group of highly trained and talented Tempe DUI Lawyers who zealously represent individuals charged with DUI and other Vehicular-Related offenses. We focus solely on DUI defense," says Attorney Sloan.

The Scottsdale DUI Attorneys on The DUI Team are accomplished Trial Lawyers, each with their own private practice, who are experienced in handling any type of Felony or Misdemeanor Vehicular case. Each attorney on the Team has handled approximately 1,000 DUI, Criminal, and Vehicular-Related cases, and each will aggressively protect the rights of the accused in front of a judge or jury.

Arizona has some of the harshest penalties in the country for people convicted of Driving Under the Influence. The Scottsdale DUI lawyers at The DUI Team routinely lessen the severity of the consequences faced by their clients by thoroughly investigating the circumstances surrounding each case. By doing this they often uncover probable cause problems and other procedural deficiencies by law enforcement. "We do everything we can to provide an intelligent, quality defense, at an exceptional price," says Brian D. Sloan, Attorney at Law.

To learn more about the Scottsdale DUI lawyers at The DUI Team please visit their website. To take advantage of the no cost consultation being offered by their attorneys please call (480) 382-5562. People are also invited to watch their informative online videos or to read their press releases.

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