Colorado Company 5280 Prosthetics LLC Introduces New Technology to Improve Life for Amputees

Colorado-based company 5280 Prosthetics has announced that they have released a new product to improve lives of amputees everywhere, the SmartPuck™. The industry's first smart prosthetic socket system will work with the user's smart device to provide them with customized comfort and support.

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) October 23, 2014

Colorado Company 5280 Prosthetics understood that when it came to socket systems used by amputees, not much had changed in the last 20 years.

“Companies would change the materials used in the socket fabrication and call it innovation,” said Heck, 5280 Prosthetics CTO. “But it didn't really do anything to fix the issue of loose, ill-fitting sockets that caused amputees pain. We set out to fix that.”

Clint Accinni and cofounder Royce Heck worked to bring this new technology to life. The system is a paradigm shift for the industry, eliminating many of the biggest complaints cited by prosthetic users. The 5280 Prosthetics team designed an intelligent ecosystem packed with sensors and an integrated vacuum system designed to fit inside the prosthetic socket that unlike other systems, can actually communicate with the amputee via text messages.

The new system, dubbed the SmartPuck™, uses onboard technology to sense the needs of the wearer and adjust accordingly, improving the fit, function, and performance of the prosthetic device. Users can adjust the SmartPuck™ from an app they install on their smart device to match their personal preferences. The app will also alert the wearer if there are any air leaks, if the battery is low, or if their device needs any maintenance.

“We have veterans and soldiers wearing our devices now who are out enjoying waterskiing, hiking, running 10K's,” said Rae Heck, 5280 CAO. “They tell us that their prosthetics feel like a part of their body, and they have more energy at the end of the day.” We couldn't be happier with the feedback!”

The company will be updating the SmartPuck™ app with additional features, including detailed clinical and activity reports as well as real-time alignment data that will help wearer and their prosthetics determine the optimal alignment and performance.

5280 is currently running a crowd funding campaign to advance this technology as well as bring awareness to both amputees and clinicians. The link to this crowd funding is:

Customers interested in learning more about the SmartPuck™ can visit the company's website at

About 5280 Prosthetics
Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, 5280 Prosthetics is the home of the team of American Board Certified Prosthetists who developed the SmartPuck™, an innovative smart prosthetic socket system that is improving the lives of amputees everywhere. Their clinical team wanted to address the problems that many amputees experience, including sealing the socket, chasing air leaks, noise, and external hoses. They partnered their new device with smartphone technology to give customization power to the wearer as well as provide their prosthetist with valuable real-time information that will help them perfect the fit and function for each wearer.

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