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Artec Global Media Launches Student Loan Division


- Adds New, Proven Revenue Stream to Business; Helps Address $1.2 Trillion Crisis Student Loan Debt Crisis -

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Artec Global Media, Inc. (OTCQB: ACTL), an emerging, vertically integrated marketing firm providing affiliate marketing, publishing and strategic consulting solutions, today announced the launch of its student loan consolidation division. Through direct mail, online advertising and call centers, Artec will help consumers navigate the complexities and nuances of consolidating student loans, reducing monthly payments and improving the credit for consumers and addressing what many call the most significant and burgeoning debt crisis in the country today.

As of September 2014, there are an estimated 42 million Americans with Federal student loan debt totaling more than $1.2 trillion. Each year going forward, it is estimated that an additional two million will graduate from colleges and universities, and more than 60% of these graduates will have Federal student loan debt, averaging more than $30,000 per individual. 

"The massive and growing burden of student loan debt is impacting the economy in many ways, and Artec is committed to providing solutions to address this problem,"  commented Caleb Wickman, Artec's Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Students graduate and enter a challenging job market and immediately face significant monthly payments from these loans. These loans can make it challenging to get a mortgage or afford a car. It is estimated that three quarters of the 42 million Americans who have student loan debt need help, and are qualified for help and benefits. This is a massive market opportunity, and Artec is in a position to help millions of Americans find relief with their Federal student loans. Over three years of development, Artec has designed best-in-class technology, marketing, processing and compliant programs to help millions of individuals for many years to come."

Artec has designed a program that provides consumers unrivaled service at an industry low fee.  Artec will guide consumers, step-by-step, through the complicated consolidation process. Recent reforms by the Federal Government have created various options for consumers to consolidate student loans and arrange affordable payment programs. Artec will help consumers identify which programs they qualify for, and provide unbiased advice to select the best available program. Artec will then help these consumers complete the process.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP), the entity that oversees this industry, has stated that 75% of all Americans with Federal student loan debt can benefit from enrolling in a Direct Consolidation Program offered through the Department of Education. These programs were created in 2007, but to date fewer than 5% of the 42 million Americans have participated and enrolled in such programs, due to the cumbersome Federal web sites, lack of explanatory information and little marketing about these programs.

"This confusion creates an opportunity, and more importantly, a need," added Mason Yamashiro, Director of Artec's Student Loan Division. "We believe this is an opportunity not only to generate revenue and profits for Artec, but also to help people."

Artec has contracted JPGlobal Communications Inc. to manage a bi-lingual call center located in Tijuana.

"This call center agreement provides Artec with significant tracking capabilities and oversight at an extraordinary price," added Mr. Wickman. "Artec's ability to provide robust marketing services to drive consumer interest, coupled with the large and growing demand for solutions to address the growing student loan debt, creates a significant opportunity for Artec."

We expect to initiate marketing programs, with plans to double the business and invest for growth through the balance of 2014.

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