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SutimCo Announces the Merger of Kolbe Global Logistics and SutimCo Inc.


DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 17, 2014 / SutimCo (OTC Pink: SUTID) (PINKSHEETS: SUTID), would like to announce the merger of KOLBE GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC., as a newly formed division of the company. Jorge Luis Saenz (CEO of Kolbe LLC) was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of SutimCo and will lead this new division. "Kolbe's business plan has grown significantly since we first initiated contact with them back in march 2014," stated Luther Jeffries, CEO of SutimCo, Mr. Jeffries said further "With their strong unique product line and various inroads into the Dispensary and Supply side of the sector we are compelled to partner with them to supply adequate funding and open doors to the public markets to ensure rapid growth and execution of their plan."

Kolbe has developed various blends of cannabis oils or "vapes" for cannabis vapor pens geared toward the medical use or recreational use for cannabis consumers. Kolbe's blends are patent pending and will feature various benefits over traditional cannabis consumption. Some of the benefits include smokeless properties, odorless, with or without the "high" that many medical users avoid. Almost any flavor can be added offering consumers a personalized approach to cannabis consumption. After extensive sampling of comparable products in the marketplace The Company feels that EcoVape is far superior product and has had favorable reviews by all who have sampled.

Kolbe is also executing plans, moving into the dispensary and grow side of the business allowing for expanded revenues and vertical integration. Kolbe is particularly ready to move into the Oregon marketplace immediately hoping to capitalize on recreational use laws passing in November 2014.

The company firmly believes that Kolbe's superior product line, EcoVape, will have mass appeal in all legal states. We understand that it is necessary for Kolbe to be public in order fund rapid expansion into various jurisdictions with a wide variety of regulations in order to attain wide distribution of their high quality brand. We believe in doing so EcoVape will grab wide scale market share and brand recognition and become the leader in Cannabis Infused Vapor, making it a valuable target for either buyout or a large scale revenue producer.

SutimCo plans to fund the immediate roll out of Kolbe's product line and expansion eventually "spinning out" its division and offering a dividend to SutimCo shareholders.

"We are very excited about this opportunity in joining forces for Jorge and Kolbe to bring their unique, very high quality product to market on a wide scale that will greatly benefit both of our companies and our loyal shareholders," stated Mr. Jeffries. "I will be updating our shareholders frequently with our streamlined business plan as well as current and future deals and projects @ and through mainstream market wires."

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