New Cosmetic Fillings Now Available Through Dr. Rashmi Patel of Enfield Family Dental

Dr. Rashmi Patel, a Connecticut dentist, now offers new cosmetic fillings through his practice, Enfield Family Dental. These cosmetic fillings can be used to fill new cavities or to replace traditional amalgam fillings.

Enfield, Connecticut (PRWEB) August 06, 2014

Recognizing the reluctance of some patients to receive necessary fillings that would compromise the appearance of their smile, Dr. Rashmi Patel of Enfield Family Dental has announced that his practice is now offering cosmetic fillings, which can be used in new fillings or to replace old fillings. The most obvious benefit of the cosmetic fillings is the fact that they are incredibly difficult to notice, while traditional amalgam fillings are often immediately recognizable. This availability is expected to be received very well by patients of the practice and by those who are looking for a more discreet option when it comes to filling cavities.

Clearly, it is necessary to have cavities addressed by a dental professional as quickly as possible. This is due to the fact that the tooth structure is weakened by the decay of the cavity and will only continue to become worse if it is not properly addressed in a timely fashion. This is problematic, as there are individuals who try to avoid fillings simply because of the cosmetic drawbacks. Through the availability of cosmetic fillings, there is no longer any valid reason to delay seeking treatment.

Individuals who already have amalgam fillings in place can also benefit from the availability of cosmetic fillings, as these fillings can be used to replace the traditional and more readily apparent fillings. There has also been some recent concern over the health risks of traditional amalgam fillings, as these fillings not only leak and corrode over time, but there is also the possibility that mercury content can cause adverse health effects as well.

Cosmetic fillings, on the other hand, possess all of the benefits of traditional fillings without any of the aforementioned drawbacks. These fillings are made from a composite plastic resin that so closely matches the color of teeth that they are near impossible to notice. They are considered exceptionally strong and incredibly durable, so there is no need to sacrifice the appearance of one for the quality of the other, as cosmetic fillings possess the best of both worlds.

Interested parties should contact the office of Enfield Family Dental for more information on cosmetic fillings or any other dental service available from Dr. Patel at their earliest convenience.

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