Teach Kids To Get Organised At An Early Age - -


Efficiency Expert Ms Louise Corica says it's best to work with them when doing daily tasks.

 “If you are overwhelmed with your own workload, then this can lead to fatigue, short fuses and frustration” said Ms Corica.

 “Telling a child to 'go clean your room' doesn't show them how to do it. No matter how young or old they are, plan your day by helping them plan their day, every day.” she said.

 “Prioritise your tasks.  It is always effective and they learn by observing you. Having a plan gives you the opportunity to sail through your day.”

 “We can become preoccupied with daily acts of trivia and waste time.  Be deliberate about what you do, focus and finish the task you are on before starting to work on the next task.” 

 “It's time to manage with a plan of tidy habits?” 

 “Now is the best time to teach them to manage their time and the art of preparation is a valuable time saver and a frustration defuser.

 Ms Corica said to maximise your day follow these four simple steps and sit down with your child and do this together:

  • At the end of your day: make a list of what you still need to do – amend your 'To Do' list
  • Allow 10 minutes to put the list together: place the list in the best visible location in your home, so you are all ready to go in the morning.
  • Handle things once:  When you and your children start a task ensure that you complete it.  Finish one task before you move to the next one.
  • Set aside specific times: for 'reading', 'making phone calls' and 'speaking with your children and your family'.  An informative and meaningful communication is far more effective than several piecemeal comments.

Ms Corica said to keep using this method daily. It will effectively change your daily outcomes and your children's sense of accomplishment for their daily activities as well.

 Author  Brian Tracy says that “Time management is really personal management, life management and management of yourself.

 Ms Corica conducts seminars covering change management, goal setting, increasing your productivity and time management. For the parents who are business owners who want more details can contact Ms Corica through www.time2manage.com

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