The Cure for the UN-common Cold Weather... K100 Fuel Treatment

Kinetic Fuel Technology, Inc.'s K100 Fuel Treatments can stop problems related to water in fuel this winter.

Youngstown, NY (PRWEB) January 24, 2014

The recent sub-zero temperatures have had the phones ringing off the hook at Kinetic Fuel Technology, Inc., makers of K100 Fuel Treatment. Online orders have reached a record high and inquires about distributing the product have also increased. The introduction of Ethanol to fuel has increased water-related problems, which in turn has increased the demand for K100 Fuel Treatment, which eliminates water contamination problems in your fuel year ‘round.

The Water Encapsulation Technology used in creating K100 eliminates water and all water-related problems in your tools and toys by breaking the bond between water molecules and encapsulating them into a combustible chemical in addition to cleaning engines and fuel systems for better mileage, easier starting, smoother idling, more power and better acceleration. Removing the water will ensure maximum fuel efficiency and optimal performance. It's organic-based, proprietary blend uses Water Encapsulation Technology originally developed in 1965 to eliminate water from heavy fuels for marine boilers, industrial plants, and school systems. The blend was later adjusted for diesel and gasoline fuels to be used in automotive and fleet, recreational marine, power sports, power equipment, and farm and ranch equipment…in other words tools and toys!

Kinetic Fuel's K100 Fuel Treatments can be used for all gasoline and diesel-powered equipment and are formulated for use with all fuels. The main benefits of K100 treatment, besides the elimination of free water, are reduced maintenance costs and downtime. Fuel companies, auto parts stores, truck fleets, school buses, home heating, home hardware, farm and ranch, municipalities and independent plowing companies are just some of the entities that use K100 Fuel Treatment for both themselves and their customers. A mobile homeowner living near Kinetic Fuel Technology even stopped in to purchase K100 Fuel Treatment to eliminate the gelling in their fuel in order to get the home's heat to turn back on.

K100 Fuel Treatment can be used for both diesel and gasoline, and helps to reduce emissions and maintenance costs associated with fuel related engine problems. To learn more, visit K100 Fuel Treatment's website at or call 855-219-4812.

About the Company:
K100 Fuel Treatments are proprietary formulations of complex organic compounds developed primarily to eliminate moisture contamination in fuels, with additives to improve the cleaning effect and cold temperature operation, increase lubricity and shelf-life of the fuel, and modify the fuel itself to increase atomization and improve the fuel/energy conversion process. K100 Fuel Treatment can be used for both diesel and gasoline, and helps to reduce emissions and maintenance, while cleaning and lubricating engines and fuel systems. To learn more, visit K100 Fuel Treatment's website at

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