Future Energy Group Raises the Bar in Energy Efficiency for Beaumont Health Systems

Future Energy Group is creating new standards in energy efficiency with their Heat Spreader™ process. This technology far surpassed their previous lighting system and leads the way to Healthcare Sustainability.

Clinton Township, MI (PRWEB) October 29, 2013

In Healthcare, the cost of lighting is a large operational expense. Being able to drastically reduce energy costs by over 70% is highly beneficial for the organization. Future Energy Group raises the bar in energy efficiency with their Heat Spreader™ technology. Here's how they do it.

In common LED fixtures used today, LED chips emit light after wired with power. About 75% of the electric power is turned into heat energy. This heat energy is trapped in the fixture itself and limits the LED's performance and lifespan.

With the Heat Spreader™ technology, the heat energy that is normally trapped in the fixture is instead moved from the LED and transferred to the heat sink. This transference to the heat sink works to extend longevity and lumen output while triggering the Heat Spreader™ cycle. As the cycle completes its process, the Heat Spreader™ technology limits the junction temperature far below previous “normal” levels, which allow for the modules to run at only one degree C above ambient temperatures.

With circuits running cooler, fixture life increases. The net result is overall efficiency that increases higher energy output while expending lower wattage output to be used in many commercial applications.

The technology benefits not only the facility but also the environment. Energy and carbon foot printing is reduced in significant amounts. This Michigan-based company prides themselves as being a full service energy specialist company.

“I am excited to be part of an industry that is leading the way to a more environmentally friendly future,” adds Sam DiNello, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Our technology allows us to provide our customers with electrical savings of over 70% and reduce their maintenance by 100%. That sure does get people excited!”

Beaumont Health Systems has quickly experienced the benefits of Future Energy Group's technology. They report massive energy cost savings and improved lighting quality. Beaumont says, “Their energy savings was approximately 80% compared to the products they used before.” They are projected to save almost $300,000 annually in power and maintenance costs. The capital costs in upgrading to the Heat Spreader™ technology would be repaid in 2-3 years.

This technology not only added to their bottom line, but Beaumont says “the improved lighting quality improves both the aesthetic appeal and security.” They found that the LED technology produced a clearer, more appealing illumination. They are able to monitor areas with more precision and less glare than their predecessors.

For more information, please visit http://www.futureenergygrp.com or call (586) 864-6058.

About Future Energy Group

Future Energy Group is a leader in LED innovation. Their full service approach includes utility rebate filings, project management, logistics and recycling of old fixtures. Based in Clinton Township, MI, they specialize in cutting edge technology that challenges energy wasting practices for a more energy efficient way to illuminate larges areas. All lighting products meet strict ISO 9001 manufacturing standards and are offered with a 5-10 year warranty.

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