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The Funding Platform Promotes Regulation D 506c Offerings Using the Internet


The Funding Platform today announced the launch of a permission-based platform that enables internet multichannel promotion for Regulation D Rule 506c offerings.

New York, New York (PRWEB) September 25, 2013

The Funding Platform today announced the launch of a permission-based web platform that enables internet multichannel promotion and advertising for Regulation D Rule 506c Private Placement Memorandums (PPM). Using internet marketing, it aims to assist qualified private issuers as well as registered placement agents in promoting their debit and equity private placements to interested investors.

Operating in compliance with the 2012 JOBS Act's “General Solicitation and Advertising” rules, the Funding Platform will focus its efforts on helping private companies raise capital for growth as well as manage shareholder liquidity. It acts as a third party internet public relations company that uses multiple internet channels to generate publicity for Regulation D 506c private offerings.

Among the promotional channels it uses are direct e-mail marketing, micro websites, paid search, social media, targeted news releases, e-mail drip campaigns, scheduled webinars, video creation and promotion, and accredited investor list development.

“Businesses desiring to raise capital under Rule 506c often are not familiar with the best approach to promoting their offering. The Funding Platform is designed to affordably assist 506c issuers by delivering a consistent and compelling message to the most appropriate audience. Knowing where the accredited investors are and how to reach them for each promotion is what we do best,” says company CEO, Tom Blakeley.

“Our technology puts their offerings in front of investors who are interested in their niche to begin with. By using our service, issuers who wish to raise capital get access to thousands of accredited investors who are actively looking for what they are offering—something that they will find very hard to do on their own,” Blakeley adds.

The Funding Platform likewise assists issuers, through its parter network, in creating all necessary qualifying documentation, PPMs, subscription documentation, term sheets, investor suitability questionnaires, bond or note agreements, state and federal securities filings, U2 filing reviews, form ID EDGAR access filing reviews, and Form D federal filing, to name a few.

“Now, even business owners who are completely new to fund raising can start a campaign. We will help them throughout the process, ensuring that they are able to find the money they need to launch a product or service, or grow an existing business,” Blakeley explains.

The Funding Platform's sister company, Blackwood Productions, is a large multi-channel internet marketing company with over 38,000 business clients. It is headed by internet marketing expert Robert Bibb together with Tom Blakeley, a serial entrepreneur who has completed two successful NASDAQ IPOs.

Blakeley started his career during the microcomputer boom of the 1980's, and has been able to steer several multimillion-dollar companies through market transition periods.
He was one of the principals of QSA Technology, which developed the first PC-based reservation system for the airline industry. He also co-founded MindArrow Systems (NASDAQ: ARRW) for which he raised $35 million in equity financing, as well as American Mold Guard, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMGI), for which he raised over $20 million.

Bibb is the CEO of SEO giant Blackwood Productions, which now has over 38,000 websites under management. The company is currently expanding into mobile SEO and social media marketing.

The partnership—which combines the two founders' expertise in both internet marketing and private financing—is described by industry experts as ‘unprecedented.' The Funding Platform is the first and currently the only multichannel internet promotion service for Regulation D Rule 506c PPMs.

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