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USA Today Gets It Right – Follows Up Exposé by "Rethinking Obamacare" – Spotlights Major Flaw in Obamacare


On Thursday of last week, Rethinking Obamacare's founder Kaya Bromley published an exposé of a critical unintended consequence of Obamacare that will deprive millions of children of affordable health insurance. This story was picked up by a number of media sources, and yesterday, USA Today got it right, taking this story national.

“But USA Today downplayed the sheer scope of this unintended child healthcare crisis,” according to author, attorney and Obamacare expert Kaya Bromley. “In passing Obamacare, Congress created a law filled with unintended consequences, including one that makes health insurance for millions of children unaffordable.

“One of Obamacare's key goals was providing coverage for millions of American children, including kids with pre-existing conditions,” Bromley explained, “but as written, this law makes that goal all but impossible.”

First published in Rethinking Obamacare on September 19th, Bromley revealed that: “Starting in 2015, employers offering employee coverage must also offer coverage for dependent children. However, unlike employee coverage, affordable insurance for dependents isn't required. Worse, if employer insurance is too expensive, dependents are ineligible for subsidies through the Obamacare Exchanges.

“It's a perfect Catch 22,” she said. “Affordable insurance for kids has been the goal all along, but these rules guarantee that millions of children will be denied coverage, especially in traditional low-wage industries such as food service and agriculture. There, dependents will be caught between a rock and a hard place.

“That's how the law of unintended consequences works,” Bromley concluded. “When, how – and even if – this system will be fixed is anybody's guess.”

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