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Navajo Legends Celebrated on New Website


New dedicated to celebrating the Navajo legends of the past and present.

(PRWEB) August 04, 2013

Navajo legends are fascinating and are colorful aspects of Native American folklore. Navajo tales and myths are expansive, creative and unique. Many of these tales feature fascinating creatures, like skin-walkers and coyotes.

Now, a new website is dedicated celebrating the contributions of Navajo legends of the past and present.

“Many Navajo myths have been passed down through generations and transcend both time and culture. Many Navajo stories still exist within tribes, but are not spoken of to the outside world,” says spokesperson Henry Wells. “Many Navajo myths and stories have been preserved by the utilization of artistic expression, as well as Navajo jewelry and art, which has become widely popular around the world.”

Among members of the Navajo tribe, taboos exist against specific creatures. Creatures, such as skin-walkers, are believed to reside within society, and are believed to engage in evil activities while society slumbers.

There are many beautiful, and inspiring, Navajo legends as well. The Navajo rendition of earth's creation is filled with symbolism and spirituality, as are Navajo tales pertaining to the spirit world. Luckily, many Navajo stories have been transcribed to paper, and are accessible by any seeking information.

“A lot of these Navajo legends were told by memory,” says Wells. “These stories were kept alive by word of mouth, and tribal leaders were held responsible for a child's education. Usually, many popular Navajo myths weren't written down for years. Many of the Navajo myths featured on this site were around for centuries. They existed before language was written on paper.”

Some Navajo folklore stories embrace the human spirit, and speak of humanity's connection with the surrounding spirit realm. Other myths are created to inspire fear, and have terrified both children and adults for hundreds of years. These specific myths have inferred a divine connection to a sacred land—known as the Four Corners. The Four Corners region is located in the American Southwest, and has greatly inspired Native American folklore.

At, visitors will locate many popular Navajo legends, and discover a few forgotten tales. Some tales aren't prominent, and have slipped through the cracks throughout centuries. Creatures, like the Navajo skin-walker, and stories pertaining to earth's creation have existed within Native American culture for lifetimes, and will continue to do so for centuries. Native American folklore is inspiring, and is necessary to grasp the entire scope of Navajo culture. These stories embrace mundane aspects of Native American life, and reveal much about lush Navajo history, ideas and culture.

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