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A Canadian Firm Spearheads the Fight Against Obesity as it Introduces a New Fad Diet Claiming to Help Dieters Lose 1-2 Pounds a Day


A potent new weight loss formula has been discovered and tested with great results by a Canadian weight loss firm.

Calgary, Alberta (PRWEB) August 02, 2013

Over the years, obesity is said to be responsible for illnesses that lead to hundreds of deaths all over the world. In Canada, a recent study shows that 61.1% of citizens have unhealthy weight. Last 2007, the country ranked on the 35th place in the list of fattest countries according to Forbes, Canada. Although the government takes action to fix this issue, many people are still alarmed and concerned of their health.

This year, HCG Canada Group, a Canadian company exposed a potent HCG diet formula that is proven and tested to help in losing up to 2 pounds a day on a 40-day diet plan. The company believes that if citizens in the country take HCG drops in conjunction with a low calorie diet the percentage of individuals with abnormal weight issues would lessen.

HCG Canada Group's fat loss formula is different from any other HCG drop products in the marketplace today. After several studies dealing with metabolic rate, human body and medical science, the company proved that the presence of HCG Active-8 Complex in HCG drop could create a more potent treatment in losing excessive fat. HGC Canada group has also included a natural compound known as African mango extract, which they believe as an effective factor in lowering cholesterol level.

HCG Active-8 Complex and African mango extract, when combined, is more potent than any other weight loss supplement in the market today. Unlike HCG injections, HCG drops are taken under the tongue, which reduces the risks of getting infected by needles that are not sterilized.

According to a local health organization, most HCG drops in Canada aren't efficient due to the dilution process such products have undergone. In relation to this, HCG CanadaGroup testifies that their newest formula didn't undergo any dilution process that may affect the functionality of the product.

The HCG diet was actually discovered in 1950s as treatment against high cholesterol level. Now, it has been revived and enhanced as the next's generation formula to lose weight. HCG Canada Group hopes to bring this to masses as they continue their fight against obesity.

After all, even with the HCG formula being exposed in the market, the company still warns consumers to beware of unauthorized companies selling HCG drops in Canada. To avoid possible side effects, they are advised to be more vigilant about the product's composition and manufacturer.

Along with the HCG Canada Group's formula, they have also launched their website that teaches the real importance of HCG diet. For interested individuals, they can visit

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