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Local Surgeon Performs Unique Procedure on Paralyzed Amputee


Innovative technique, used for the first time in Hudson County, allows patient's own nerves to be used to activate a prosthetic device.

Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

On May 15, 2013, Dr. Emran Sheikh and Dr. Renata V. Weber performed a unique nerve reconstruction surgery for a paralyzed patient who had lost two limbs in a motorcycle accident. The goal of the surgery was to allow the patient to be a candidate for an advanced prosthesis to regain dexterity and limb function with precision and specificity. The pioneering approach employed by the surgeons represents the cutting-edge of advanced nerve reconstruction performed in the country and specifically, in the New York City and New Jersey metropolitan region.

The patient, a biomechanical engineering student, was severely injured after two cars struck him on his motorcycle more than a year ago. His injuries resulted in the loss of two limbs, the dominant right arm and right leg. In addition, his right shoulder remained paralyzed. He was evaluated for a myoelectric prosthesis, which requires working muscles around the shoulder to both support the prosthesis and allow it to activate. Dr. Sheikh conceived of a unique way to meet this requirement bringing together different techniques for reanimation of the patient's amputation stump.

Using microsurgical technique, working nerves in the neck area were spliced into injured nerves near the shoulder to provide part of the shoulder motion. A minimally-invasive decompression of nerves coming out of spinal cord will help decrease the amputation phantom pain he is currently experiencing. Nerves from the chest area were rerouted into the other part of the shoulder using a cadaver (Axogen) nerve graft. These nerves will eventually activate the muscles for shoulder stability, to initiate prosthesis activation and to allow for prosthetic elbow and hand movement.

The ground-breaking procedure will allow the young man to regain control of his personal life, to continue with his plans for higher learning and to work towards a career as a biomechanical engineer, where he hopes to one day help design the next generation of biomechanical prosthesis. The patient is available for comments and an interview upon request.

About Emran Sheikh, MD
Emran Sheikh, MD is a fellowship-trained nerve micro-surgeon and orthopedic hand and wrist specialist. The practice includes Renata Weber, MD; Ednan Sheikh, MD; Diana Linetskaya, MD; and Gbolahan Okubadejo, MD. The Institute for Nerve, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery specializes in minimally-invasive arm and leg complex nerve reconstruction, spine surgery, neuropathic pain, endoscopic carpal tunnel release, orthopedic hand and wrist surgery, sports medicine, reconstructive plastic surgery, wound care and hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The Institute has offices in Jersey City, NJ; Manhattan, NY; Rutherford, NJ; Paterson, NJ; Hackettstown, NJ. Dr. Sheikh can be reached at 201-470-4647 or 201-549-8860.

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