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Duravac Recently Talks About the Financial Benefits of Owning Central Vacuum Systems In A Recent Blog Post


The Perks of Owning a Central Vacuum System Go Way Beyond Ordinary Nuisances

Long Island, New York (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

Recently Duravac releases a new blog post talking about the benefits and the pros of having a Central Vacuum System installed in a home. Okay, so the everyday problems and nuisances associated with the standard vacuum appear to be diminished, if not completely depleted by installing a central vac system. However, before discussing the exciting and intriguing financial benefits, Here are some valid points taken from Duravac's Blog

1- Central vac systems create healthier living and work environments by cutting down on allergen and pollution levels. True, that's an incredible benefit. True, regular vacuums can become horrifically annoying obstacle courses with their cords and hoses. And yes, they are heavy, backbreaking machines that are difficult enough to lug from room-to-room, on a single floor, not to mention hauling it up and down the stairs of a multi-level home or building… they are pains to store… rearranging closets and rooms to find a place for it… GEESH! It's tiring even thinking about it and there is no need to continue on. - The central vacuum system not only eliminates all of those problems, but provides several financial benefits, as well.

2- Standard Cost: No matter how you slice it, vacuums are expensive! The least expensive vacuums, while may be appealing in price, also come with numerous negative aspects. Cheap vacuums are just that – CHEAP! They break easily or even die out completely, within a matter of a year or two, if not months, depending upon the level of use. They also tend to have a low performance as far as suction levels go, defeating the purpose of trying to suck up as much as possible. The more expensive vacuums may have better suction, be more durable, and offer better warranties, but it is almost a guarantee that an individual will go through numerous vacuums throughout the course of his/her lifetime. - While installing a central vacuum system may be more costly in the short-term, the systems have less defects and problems than regular vacuums. They are created to endure the test of time and to be extremely durable. Unless truly abused, there is no reason a central vac system should require additional costs. Finally, central vac systems are noted for using less electricity/energy than standard vacuums, thus making it a cost worthy investment by the way of repairs, replacements, and energy.

Duravac also talked about Home Equity/Future Value of owning a central vacuum. They talked about how standard vacuums add absolutely no value to a home or building. - Central vac systems undoubtedly add to the future value of any home or building. The basic, estimated return in equity is around $2,000. However, depending upon the grade of the unit, the number of ports installed, and other such factors, the equity or return on investment could be much higher. Central vac systems are also known to spark more interest in buyers, which could result in a quicker sale and/or even carry the potential for a multiple bidding situation. In essence, it is a no lose situation.

Finally, Duravac announced discussed the concept of opportunity cost addresses and evaluates the financial cost of something, along with the cost of time and energy. In other words, it weighs out whether it is more cost-effective to put more money into a service, item, upgrade, etc. or to settle for a cheaper means, which may require more time, effort, or physical presence/labor. The world most of Americans live in completely revolves around opportunity costs. Computers and machines are more financially costly than man-power, but things get done quicker and more efficiently. People pay for others to mow their lawns, paint the rooms in their houses, clean their cars, etc. because it is worth paying someone else rather than wasting the personal time that could be invested into work or family. - When weighing out the opportunity cost of a standard vacuum to a central vac system, it is the latter that would be triumphant in such a debate. The amount of time wasted and energy exhausted carrying a regular vacuum around, messing with cords, cleaning the bags/containers, storing it, repairing, and all of the other nuisances that come with a regular vacuum is quite high. The benefits, which are associated with a central vac system, including a better/healthier quality of life, clearly and definitively outweigh those of the standard vacuum cleaner in time and energy. Therefore, the opportunity cost of installing a central vac system is absolutely extraordinary and is a cost benefit which no price tag can be placed on.

DuraVac has been installing and servicing central vacuum systems for over 50 years. DuraVac has a full service department that offers in home service for central vacuum systems. DuraVac also installs central vacuum systems in new or existing homes. They also install commercial grade central vacuum systems in clean rooms, hospitals, car washes, country clubs and pharmaceutical companies. The company is fully licensed and insured. They are New York's only Platinum Distributor of MD Products, the leader in the central vacuum industry. The company has been in business for over 50 years.

DuraVac also carries a full line of accessories for your central vacuum.

If you have any questions please contact DuraVac central vacuums at(516) 822-3060 or visit them at to read the current blog.

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