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To honor the troops, HuMn has created a metal wallet from aluminum plates coated with Cerakote™, a ceramic coating often used on military equipment and firearms. These and other HuMn products can be found at

Portland, OR (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

HuMn is a company currently creating modern, minimalist wallets that provide RFID protection. They recently unveiled their newest product - a military wallet.

"(This military wallet) is our way of saluting the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces," says.

The new wallet follows the company's standard model of two aluminum plates held together with a custom shock strap. The only difference is in the coating and the color.

The military wallets are coated with Cerakote™. The site says Cerakote™ is the industry standard in ceramic coatings. It is primarily found on military equipment and firearms.

Two different plate colors are available with the new ceramic coating. Olive Drab is one of the colors and Desert Camel is the other. The wallets can be purchased in any combination of those colors with different shock strap options as well.

Olive Drab and Desert Camel, like the rest of the plates available on, are RFID secure. This means that identity thieves trying to steal credit card information with a Radio Frequency Identification Device will be unable to do so. All the HuMn wallet options have this RFID blocking feature.

The site says the military wallet can hold up to 6 cards, plus more externally, and will still remain extremely thin for easy carrying.

At you can also purchase the HuMn Wallet 2 (HW2), a larger model of the HuMn wallet. The Cerakote™ coated plates are not available in this model, but there are still many options that would please someone looking for a military-style wallet.

The HuMn Wallet 2 (HW2) can hold 8 to 12 cards depending on if you purchase it with two or three plates.

The HuMn wallet website also shows reviews the wallets have received from sites across the Internet that evaluate new products.

Uncrate, which touts that it promotes the "best gear for guys" said, "RFID cash carriers... they're generally just too big, never mind any potential style flaws. The HuMn wallet solves this problem."

GearHungry, whose tagline is "stuff you want," said, "The HuMn wallet is tough to beat in terms of minimalism."

Lifehacker, who says they give "tips and downloads for getting things done" said, "Although plenty of RFID-blocking wallets exist, none are quite as thin and pocketable as the HuMn."

HuMn wallets have recently been featured in many magazines, websites, and on talk shows as well. A few of the sources that highlighted the wallets are The Gadgeteer, Marilyn Denis Show, Road & Truck Magazine, Parenting New Hampshire magazine, and

The company got its start last year on where they received nearly 5,000 backers who pledged almost $400,000 between two projects.

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