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Embrace Your Geekness Day Is July 13 and Tees For Your Head Offers Geeky T-Shirts to Wear


This little-known, just-for-fun day deserves to be celebrated: fly that geek flag.

Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

Embrace Your Geekness Day leaves room for interpretation, because geekness is a many splendored thing. One of the bigger geek gangs is the techie geek who loves any flavor of gadgetry. There are also plenty of gamers, role-players, cosplayers (think Vienna's carnevale for the anime and science fiction crowd), Trekkies, and on and on.

The simplest way to celebrate geekness is to roll out of bed, pluck the nearest t-shirt strategically stored on the floor or a chair, and put it on. That's halfway to being dressed for the day of the geek. Tees For Your Head presents a series of geeky t-shirts suitable for celebrating geekness of many kinds.

One of the most appropriate nerdy tees is practically a dress shirt (squint at the shape of the beam and see what it looks like): the Keep Calm But Watch the Skies t-shirt features a hapless cow caught in a tractor beam. Ouch. The shirt would be perfect to wear to a screening of any of the versions of The War of the Worlds.

For a bit of a reading test, how about the Geek Alphabet t-shirt, the letters without which formulae would have to be written using hieroglyphs or cats or photos of celebrities. There's even a red herring in the Greek key border design, making a quick glance lead to a misreading of the text on the shirt. Should the wearing of this tee be required of nerdy members of fraternities and sororities, leading to a Greek/geek/ Greek meaning for the shirt?

Besides the alpha, beta, and omega, another touchstone for geeks is the fractal, and what better than the Thanks for All the Fractals t-shirt. It's an homage to the discoverer of the fractal, the stubbornly independent-minded Benoit Mandelbrot. He dared to find his own path, and the field of mathematics is the richer for it. What a geeky career he had: he was educated in the United States and France, where he received his Ph. D. in Mathematical Sciences, and worked in France, Switzerland, and the U.S. Mandelbrot was a citizen of the world who left a global mark.

In the visual-interest arena of tees (rather than the word-play arena), geeks can also express their geekness by wearing an optical illusion tee. Tees For Your Head offers several, with the most popular being the optical illusion Devil's Triangle tee, which comes with two choices for the image presented in the center of the impossible triangle: a star field, or a blue sky with clouds.

There's a mystery in the t-shirt Talk Nerdy To Me. We can see that the whisperer is the woman, but is she talking nerdy, or requesting nerdy talk? Tees For Your Head says the shirt goes both ways, so buyers can rest assured that it works either way: the nerd can be a He Nerd or a She Nerd. Or both He and She, which is convenient when it's time to choose a movie to watch on a Saturday night.

There is a very special team that embodies embracing its geekness, and it's working right now on expanding our understanding of our neighborhood, also called "the cosmos." Tees For Your Head is the only source for South Pole Telescope project team tees once their initial run is distributed. This initial run is for adults only, but Tees For Your Head carries reprints that fit toddlers to 6XL. This exclusive cosmic wear uses the design provided by the SPT team.

The University of Chicago website includes among its achievements at the South Pole "the most-significant detection of non-Gaussianity induced from the gravitational lensing of the CMB."

So anyone who's interested in this research can wear an official South Pole Telescope team tee, from 2008 through 2013, and Talk Nerdy, indeed!

Just to be clear, which is a geeky trait, none of the team tees reference the detection of non-Gaussianity induced from gravitational lensing, okay? And Tees For Your Head has nothing to do with that one way or the other.

About Tees For Your Head

The online home of geeky t-shirts for lovers of the arts and sciences was launched in 2012. Husband and wife team Tom Bates and Karin Carter have an arts and science background and create their own designs to appeal to the geeks of the world. Santa Cruz tee shirt designs are in the works for this Santa Cruz-based business.

By the way, Tees For Your Head shirts are worn on the body, not really on the head. Just a helpful hint.

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