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In an era where civilization is seen to be striving to get back to its roots, has started its service of delivering delicious, mouthwatering, pure and wholesome Paleo meals to any local Crossfit Gym or Office.

Long Island, NY (PRWEB) July 06, 2013

Paleo Meals Delivered? In reality? In the advent of the 21st century, mankind has truly reached the zenith of technological advancements and development. With such an immense amount of research being carried out with each passing day, the world has now come to realize that perhaps the optimum health truly lied in the caveman way of life. With the food being cooked solely with natural, pure and wholesome ingredients, the mixture blends amazingly well with the human body, showing prolific results. Everyone would want to resort to the Caveman diet, but how exactly is it made? That is where comes in. Providing immaculate, mouthwatering, pure and wholesome Paleo meals to any local Crossfit Gym or Office, the company helping people achieve fitness and enhance health in Long Island and New York City.

Humanity has always deemed it best to cater to the needs of the body, first and foremost. This is exactly why numerous researchers are carried out each day, just to see what suits the body best in terms of food and diet. After long, strenuous researches, scientists across the globe finally agree that people should return back to the source and feed the human body a diet that contains no harmful substances, additives or chemicals of any kind. But, does that mean everybody will be chewing on cabbage leaves only? Absolutely not. With Paleo meals experts under one roof, provides enticing menus to its clients every day. With just the right blend of meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts, the company's meals are guaranteed to taste better than any meal from a regular restaurant. Our Greek Lamb Sliders with Paleo Tzatziki is an excellent example.

All the clients need to do is choose a menu and then it's up to the company to get it delivery right to the local Crossfit Gym or Office. With swift delivery options, the clients can rest assured that the food is fresh and nutritious, whenever it gets to them.

Save the hassle of planning a Paleo meal, scanning the local markets to find the products before failing to cook it up to the right taste, leave it to

To place an order or to check out our services, visit The company also has a Facebook page at

Established in 2012, is a revolutionary meal delivery service in the New York City and Long Island areas. Saving people from the necessary hassles of cooking up a Paleo meal, the company houses some of the best Paleo chefs in the region and provides a prolific delivery service which ensures that the meals are delivered on time. The company seeks only the highest quality ingredients. All of our proteins are Antibiotic Free, do not contain added hormones, and consume a vegetarian diet. We use grass-fed, pastured animal products when possible. Our vegetables are sourced locally and organic when possible and are Non-GMO. Our Delivery Locations include: CrossFit South Shore, Reebok Fifth Ave, Crossfit Long Island, Crossfit Lighthouse, Crossfit Mettleworks, Crossfit 631, and Crossfit Great South Bay. We understand a Paleo lifestyle can take up countless hours of meal planning, food shopping, sourcing high quality ingredients, and of course cooking, so it's time to let Caveman ToGo do all the work for its valued clients.


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