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New Fat-Binding Supplement, Lineatabs, Being Introduced in the U.S.A.


Apax Business Development says delivery system makes this European diet secret more effective.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Internationally recognized nutraceutical expert Sebastien Hebbelinck says Lineatabs, a European diet secret and bestseller now being introduced in the United States, will be the weight-management tool Americans “will not leave home without.”

“That's what it has become in Europe. Women and men carry their Lineatabs with them just as they do their cell phones and chewing gum,” says Hebbelinck, founder and CEO of Apax Business Development, the 21-year-old company responsible for the European diet secret.

“It's a perfect solution for health-conscious individuals who, for example, get caught at a business meeting where the only dining options are high in fat. Or for the person who wants to enjoy an occasional indulgent weekend dinner-date with the spouse.”

Lineatabs, a groundbreaking European diet secret, contains Solusitan, an all-natural fat-binding complex. Unlike other fat-binding supplements, Lineatabs dissolve in water to become an effervescent citrus flavored beverage that users consume before, or while eating a fatty meal. Since the dietary fibers in Lineatabs are dispersed in water and are not compressed into a tablet, they're immediately available to bind with fats, turning them into an indigestible liquid mass.

“Lineatabs are intended to supplement a healthy lifestyle, allowing users to occasionally partake in an unhealthy, fatty meal without weight gain and less guilt,” Hebbelinck says. “They've been a bestseller in Europe for 11 years.”

Hebbelinck emphasizes that Lineatabs are not a “miracle weight-loss product,” but are intended to supplement a healthy eating and exercise plan – whether that's a program like Weight Watchers or the person who conscientiously makes healthy dining choices. It allows users to occasionally indulge in fatty foods such as pizza, a hamburger, or their mother-in-law's holiday dinner without guilt or weight gain.

“Any physician will tell you, to lose weight you have to consume fewer calories and exercise more. That is the only healthy way,” he says. “Frequent users of the product do report weight loss success, however Lineatabs is not a weight-loss magic bullet. Rather, it will help you maintain your weight, and still indulge in the occasionally unhealthy meal.”

About Sebastien Hebbelinck

Sebastien Hebbelinck is founder and CEO of Apax Business Development, a 21-year-old company that has experienced major success in Europe with the dietary supplement called Lineatabs. The product contains Solusitan, an all-natural fat-binding complex contained in an effervescent tablet that dissolves in water. Users consume the citrus-flavored beverage before of during a fatty meal. Hebbelinck is an internationally recognized business entrepreneur who has been active in the nutraceutical industry for more than two decades.

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