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Jack Cash Carlton's Training Solutions Announces New Harassment Program


Jack Cash Carlton's Training Solutions is a corporate media company that provides training videos to their clients for employee education. Their focus on harassment is a strong signal that companies are requesting this more in the second quarter.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

Jack Cash Carlton's Training Solutions has provided workplace harassment training videos for years. But this year there are more requests for the subject than any other and some four or five other subjects combined. The issue isn't just respect anymore. Workplace harassment training videos have now become the staple for Jack Cash Carlton's Training Solutions to help organizations solve this seemingly unstoppable issue.

With a new generation in the workplace comes new technology. And with new technology comes change. This is normally a good thing. Unfortunately besides learning technology, employees must learn the new forms of harassment that come along with these changes. For example, twenty years ago the term sexting would mean nothing. Now employees watch a harassment training video that identifies what texts constitute a form of harassment and how to avoid this pitfall with fellow employees.

Other forms that require harassment video training can include the mentioning of political affiliations with negative connotations in conversations with employees. Employees should not have to endure harassment based on their race, culture, religious beliefs or also based on the fact they are with child. With so many targets and so many new innovations in technology, it is vital that organizations instruct employees what can and cannot be discussed with an employee.

Has the workplace become so rule ridden that no one can discuss anything, anyone or any subject? Of course not. The only rule is to not use any of these situations or predicaments to ridicule or isolate an employee to the point to make them uncomfortable. And that's all any employee would ask and what any organization would want to provide to each and every one one of its employees.

Jack Cash Carlton's Training Solutions has spent thirteen years tackling tough subjects like these and implementing workplace harassment training videos to solve these issues. When employees see documented scenarios in similar conditions they share, they begin to understand the ramifications of their actions. To see any workplace harassment training videos online for free now or know more about the organization that provides these programs, click on their site at Jack Cash Carlton's Training Solutions.

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