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Tabor Communications and EMI Partner to Publish HPCwire Japan


HPCwire Japan makes its debut as Japan's first high performance computing news and information portal.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Tabor Communications Inc. (TCI), a leading international digital media, advertising, and communications company announced today that it has entered into a memo of understanding with Easy Management Inc. (EMI) of Japan to publish and distribute a localized version of HPCwire. HPCwire is recognized as the very first paid-subscription, paid-advertising publication distributed on the Internet and today is considered the worldwide publication/portal of record for the high performance computing industry (HPC). HPCwire Japan joins Tabor Communications' advanced computing portfolio that includes HPCwire, Datanami, Green Computing Report, HPC in the Cloud, and Digital Manufacturing Report.

“We are privileged to be in a partnership with EMI in introducing the first HPC publication of its kind that is written, produced, and published in native Japanese with original features authored by the local editors. HPCwire Japan is a powerful opportunity to use the HPCwire brand to open an East-West communication channel that represents the voice of Japan in the global HPC community,” said Tom Tabor, CEO of Tabor Communications Inc. “While we like to view our industry as a global collaboration, each region has important initiatives retained within its boundaries that do not achieve the level of press coverage on an international scale these initiatives warrant. It is these types of important developments that would otherwise go unnoticed where HPCwire Japan will play an instrumental role. Together, we will focus our energy towards serving the Japanese HPC community, in addition to supporting an even broader expanse of the HPC community in Asia Pacific and beyond over time.”

“It is an honor to be a partner of Tom Tabor, HPCwire and the entire Tabor Communications team,” said Nishi Katsuya, managing partner of HPCwire Japan and founder of Easy Management Inc. “Not only does Tom have over 35 years of experience in international multimedia, advertising, and communications, he also represents an outstanding editorial staff well known for their expertise in high performance and technical computing. By joining forces to produce and distribute HPCwire Japan, together we believe we are taking a clear and decisive leadership position in the HPC community by investing in the advancement and future of our industry.”

“The HPCwire Japan partnership with EMI represents an exciting opportunity for us to elevate the level of service we provide to our readers and clients under the HPCwire brand worldwide,” commented Jeff Hyman, President and Group Publisher of Tabor Communications Inc. “Publishing HPCwire Japan locally helps the HPC industry to build deeper relationships in Japan and most importantly, for our advertisers to compete more effectively, increase brand recognition, and to reach and attract new customers through HPCwire Japan, a distinct competitive advantage over any other media outlet.”

HPCwire Japan is the first online high performance computing news and information resource to be published in Japan in the Japanese language. The agreement includes full benefits and representation by EMI and TCI (as the publishers of HPCwire Japan) as active participants in a mutually beneficial partnership. The agreement references the commitment by HPCwire Japan and HPCwire to ongoing cross-collaboration, shared advertising, news, and information, original locally authored feature content, special features, shared digital media marketing and demand generation programs, audience development, visual and social media, and collaboration in co-hosted and produced conferences globally.

HPC industry leaders' response:

Peter Ungaro, President and CEO, Cray Inc. commented, “HPCwire is the preeminent source for news, analysis, and expert insights on the high performance computing industry, and we hold their team and editorial staff in high regard here at Cray. Similarly, Japan is one of the most important countries for supercomputing, with exciting national projects, many important scientists and engineers well known around the world of HPC and a great mix of users across government, academia and industry. I'm excited that with the growth of HPC and big data, HPCwire is expanding its geographical coverage with the launch of HPCwire Japan. Cray has a number of customers and employees in Japan, and we're confident the localized HPC news site will be well received.”

Dr. Earl Joseph, Program Vice President, High-Performance Computing at IDC stated, “Japan's vibrant HPC community deserves a publication in the Japanese language that is dedicated to Japanese users and vendors, and that understands the unique dynamics of the Japanese HPC market. HPCwire Japan is well positioned to serve this important need.”

Dr. Satoshi Sekiguchi, Deputy Director General, Directorate for Information Technology and Electronics, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) said, “Historically there has never been a professional HPC publication produced and published in Japanese to serve Japan's local advanced computing community. HPCwire Japan fills the gap by connecting Japan's HPC network directly to HPCwire, the most powerful and highly regarded high performance computing news and information resource globally. I strongly believe that HPCwire Japan is destined to be a huge success!”

Alex Bouzari, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, DataDirect Networks commented, “We are honored to have earned the trust of our Japanese customers and partners which has helped DDN become a market leader in HPC in Japan. The introduction of HPCwire Japan represents an exciting opportunity for DDN to better serve the needs of our customers and partners in HPC, big data and cloud applications, through a regional, localized, communication channel under the highly respected HPCwire brand. Our extended partnership with HPCwire benefits the worldwide HPC industry and serves to further unite Japanese academia, science, and research with our global HPC community at large.”

Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka, Professor of Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology said, “Despite the historical technological leadership and elevated public awareness of its importance recently, Japan has lacked a publication dedicated to high performance and technical computing. Forming a partnership to publish and distribute a Japanese version of HPCwire as HPCwire Japan is a fantastic decision, long overdue (!), and will decisively benefit our HPC community worldwide through its sheer strength in opening the lines of communication between the Japanese HPC academia and industry to the world.”

Dr. David Kahaner, President and Founder Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP) commented, “The introduction of HPCwire Japan in a joint partnership between Tabor Communications and EMI helps to further one of the goals of the Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP), which is to strengthen the ties between the academic, scientific, and technical computing networks in the APAC region and the international HPC community. HPCwire's leadership and the commitment it is making by extending its reach into Japan is a step towards achieving this. This is a tremendous opportunity that enables our Japanese counterparts to realize tangible benefits in a way that also enhances the global HPC community.”

Dr. Yoshio Oyanagi, Special Mission Professor for Computational Science, Kobe University said, “HPCwire Japan signifies a profound shift to the way in which we share news, information, and the latest advancements in science and technology across the continents. Instead of stripping away the languages and culture which makes each country unique, they have chosen instead to support regional diversity and build local bridges for communications connecting academia and industry worldwide.”

Sumit Gupta, General Manager, Tesla Accelerated Computing Business Unit, NVIDIA said, “HPCwire is one of the go-to resources for all-things HPC and supercomputing, and we're glad to see its reach extended to the growing Japanese market with the advent of HPCwire Japan.”

About HPCwire Japan

HPCwire Japan is the only Japanese news and information portal covering the fastest computers in the world and the people who run them. HPCwire Japan is the leading publication of choice preferred by Japanese business and technology professionals from academia, government, science, and industry who are interested in high performance, computationally intensive, and technical computing in Japan and around the world. For topics ranging from late-breaking news and emerging technologies in HPC, to new trends, expert analysis, and exclusive features, HPCwire Japan is honored to serve the Japanese HPC community as its most reliable and trusted resource.

About HPCwire

HPCwire is the #1 news and information resource covering the fastest computers in the world and the people who run them. With a legacy dating back to 1986, and an established reputation for world-class editorial and topnotch journalism, HPCwire is the portal of choice selected by science, technology, and business professionals interested in high performance and data-intensive computing. For topics ranging from late-breaking news and emerging technologies in HPC, to new trends, expert analysis, and exclusive features, HPCwire delivers it all and remains the HPC communities' most reliable and trusted resource.

About Easy Management Inc.

Easy Management, Inc (EMI) was founded in 2007 to provide management and consultancy services to scientists, researchers, developers and academics in the high performance computing industry. EMI enables clients to dedicate full time and effort towards their research projects by using a wide range of EMI services, including project and library management, publishing, scientific associations, conference programs, editorial, marketing, and sales. Our clients benefit from EMI's industry intelligence, relationships, and cost-saving solutions. To learn more, contact us at: info(at)emi(dot)vc.

About Tabor Communications, Inc.

Tabor Communications Inc. is a leading international media, advertising, and communications company that provides solutions, news, and information to the high performance computing (HPC), green IT, big data, HPC cloud, and digital manufacturing communities. Publisher of a complete advanced computing portfolio that includes HPCwire, Datanami, Green Computing Report, HPC in the Cloud, and Digital Manufacturing Report, other Tabor Communications companies include Tabor Advertising and Tabor Publications & Events. View the TCI corporate video presentation to learn more.

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