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New Product Design Announced By Product Stop, Inc


(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 24, 2013 ) Las Vegas, Nevada -- Product Stop, Inc. announces new Muscle massage roller to be sold exclusively on Amazon
Product Stop, Inc. recently announced their decision to sell their new line of muscle massage rollers exclusively on These massage rollers have recently undergone a major design overhaul to increase their overall effectiveness.

Selling through Amazon allows Product Stop to reach a wide customer base and take advantage of Amazon's trusted brand as an




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online retailer. The quality of service Amazon allows the company to provide to their customers is a major benefit as well.

The Product Stop development team is confident that the recent improvements made to the massage rollers will make it a popular item for athletes of all levels. It is beneficial in the treatment of sore muscles caused by any range of physical activitieswhether they're the high impact workout of a professional athlete or simply a low key pickup game of the recreational athlete.

Massage Roller Design Changes

Through much research and development, the Product Stop team determined that a stiffer muscle massage roller actually increases the effectiveness of the massaging motion. This is because a sturdier stick allows for more pressure to be applied to achy muscles. The firmer stick also was better at reaching deep muscle tissuewhich can be a real issue for athletes who are constantly pushing their muscles to the limits.

To further increase the muscle massage roller's effectiveness, the design team added bioenergy therapeutic spindles. These spindles allow athletes to really target the specific areas where their muscles are sore and work out and eliminate excess stores of lactic acid through muscle massage.

All changes to the muscle Muscle roller stick underwent thorough internal testing. The results of these test proved that the newly designed rollers were much more effective at reducing the soreness in muscles caused by physical activity. They also proved to be more effective at decreasing the amount of stiffness experienced by overworked, achy muscles as well.

How the Massage Rollers Work

When muscles are worked, the body starts to produce lactic acid. If the muscles aren't worked very hard, the body does not need to produce much lactic acid. When muscles are worked intensely, as in a weight lifting or sprinting workout, the body produces more lactic acid to accommodate the increased intensity.

The harder they're worked, the more lactic acid the body produces. Once the workout is done, some of the lactic acid remains in the muscles. If there was a lot of lactic acid produced, (i.e., if the workout was particularly intense), there will be more residual lactic acid left in the muscles. Lactic acid is usually the cause of stiff and sore muscles after a hard workout.

Product Stop's muscle massage rollers have been specially designed to target any of the main muscle groups and eliminate excess stores of lactic acid in painfully sore muscles. The increased effectiveness of this product allows athletes to get back to their workouts soonerwhich means they can achieve their performance and fitness goals sooner and now it is conveniently available at

About Product Stop, Inc

Product Stop Inc. specializes in taking existing, in demand products such as the muscle roller stick, and applying innovative lean manufacturing strategies to enhance product effectiveness, manufacturing timeframe and overall product quality in order to produce a superior and enhanced new design.

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