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Research Finds Demand for Latin American IT Professionals Growing Need


(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 14, 2013 ) Arnhem, The Netherlands -- Latin America is seeing a boom in demand for trained and capable internet technology employees, as the communication technology sector will exceed supply by over 133%. That tally constitutes nearly 300,000 working professionals that will be needed by 2015, according to a study presented to the Colombian capital.

The new study was titled Networking Skills in Latin America, and was enacted and overseen by the IDC consultant for Cisco. Latin America was short of IT professionals demand by a shade under 140,000 two years ago.

The gap in 2011 between supply and demand was 27% will grow to 35% if we dont take action now, Mauricio Carrillo, Cisco Latin Americas senior director of engineering and architecture, told Efe.

The consultant firm interviewed over 767 individuals that held at least 100 employees on the books from countries like Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.

The study results exposed a 76,800 shortfall of professionals who held basic essential knowledge necessary for quality networking technologies work. Basic skills include IP telephony, IP network skills, security skills and other tech-based basics.

The projections for 2015 could be much worse, with a 44% total gap, despite companies putting more focus on attempting to access more quality IT individuals.

Governments and the private sector must join forces and respond and understand that without people in their countries trained in what the market demands, productivity wont grow as much as desired and the wealth they so much desire wont come, Jordi Botifoll, president of the Latin America Theater at Cisco, told Efe. EFE


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