Reaching the Edge with Mission Critical Web Servers

Loading..., a leading provider of mission critical web servers, is happy to be the first in the industry to introduce the Itanium® 9500.

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 02, 2013

Instant Deployment of Mission Critical Itanium Web Servers

The most optimized and efficient of all Intel processors, the Itanium ® 9500 brings Centerserv's mission critical dedicated servers to the top of the industry.

Centerserv is the first web serving company to offer Itanium servers to the general public – this technology is normally used by major corporations, such as banks and casinos. Now, however, Centerserv is proud to allow everyone to rent servers offering the latest Itanium servers – a breakthrough in server management technology.

According to president Alexandre Laflèche Morin, 40% of Centerserv's new customers are so-called “refugees” from other competitors, who fail to deliver acceptable levels of performance and stability. Centerserv is “happy to be in an industry of fast technological advancement”. While maintaining the company's reputation for stability and performance in the field of web server solutions, they work continuously to offer their clients the latest and most advanced technologies.

Centerserv recently evaluated their dedicated server hardware and, after witnessing the latest in technological advances, opted to perform major changes to their web serving equipment to allow for unprecedented levels of power processing. They are happy to be the first web serving company to offer instant deployment of Itanium web servers from HP Integrity. With the introduction of the Itanium HP Integrity web server, Centerserv's services have become more powerful and more reliable than ever.

These new servers are ideal for the workloads of today's most demanding Resource Planning (CRP, ERP) and large data warehousing needs, as well as applications databases and business analysis. Centerserv's new web servers, powered by the Intel ® Itanium ® 9500 series, utilizes an entirely new micro-architecture that delivers cutting-edge enhancements in performance, reliability, and power for critical processes. With a new eight-core design, 32MB cache, and a power dissipation of 170W, their new webservers are ideal for high workloads, such as Resource Planning (CRP, ERP), management of the supply chain (SCM), and relationship management (CRM).

Furthermore, whereas most web servers and hosting services use conventional hard drives, Centerserv has begun using semiconductor readers, or SSD, which are based on flash memory technology. Similar to RAM, the processing of data on these SSD drives happen at incredibly high speeds when compared to traditional hard drives, which require an access mobile arm to read the data stored on the disc. The absence of moving mechanical parts also reduces the risk of drive failure or data loss. All of this allows Centerserv's mission critical web servers, now equipped with the cutting edge technology of the Intel SSD 520s series, to offer the highest levels of stability and speed.

“The switch to SSD is a significant advance in the computer industry,” Alexander says. “As the world continues to witness the benefits of choosing an SSD storage device, the virtual private servers industry should do the same. We used the SSD on our dedicated servers for a while, but these new updates will immediately deliver a speed boost for all of our new clients. We also installed the latest Adaptec RAID 6800 cards series, which are compatible with high speed SSD storage. Using SSDs in a RAID configuration provides security for the data of our customers, and provides more protection for the critical redundant files, thus giving the customer complete peace of mind.”

“Customers choose CenterServ dedicated servers and web hosting services because we combine stability with speed,” Alexander continues. “We believe that when a customer chooses to rent a mission critical web server, it is our responsibility to keep their equipment at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry. Frequent upgrades of our processors ensure that our dedicated servers continue to constantly outperform the competition and meet the requirements of our customers.”

CenterServ offers a wide range of managed web server systems that provides their customers with exceptional performance. With these recent improvements, and their commitment to continuously review and improve their hardware, Centerserv continues to maintain its position as a leader in the field of high performance web servers and virtual private servers.

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