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Navy SEAL Training Helps Business Leaders Achieve Excellence!


Can business leaders and other professionals benefit from Navy SEAL training? 'Yes!', says Lars Draeger, author of a new book titled, 'Navy SEALS Training Guide: Mental Toughness.' The book reveals some of the methods used by Navy SEALS to develop mental toughness and self-confidence. The same techniques used by these legendary warriors can help professionals break through to the next level of success and achievement.

In the past, many prominent business executives believed that mental toughness is a fundamental, inborn quality — you either have it or you don't. As such, they rarely invested significant time and resources toward the development of this quality in their less experienced leaders. Draeger says that mental toughness is indeed a learned skill and that by using the proven Navy SEAL techniques covered in his book, anyone can develop into a more confident, focused and resilient business leader .

Below is the official description of the book.

The Navy SEALS Training Guide: Mental Toughness contains detailed information about the Navy SEALS and the training they use to develop unequaled mental toughness, self-confidence and the ability to perform at high levels during high-stress situations.

This book can help people from all walks of life enhance their mental toughness and self-confidence, which are often critical to success and high achievement in one's personal and professional life. Reading this book will cause you to reflect upon the way you have approached difficult or stressful situations in the past. It will enable you to compare your attitudes and actions to those demonstrated by Navy SEALS, elite warriors who are known throughout the world for their courage, mental toughness and 'I REFUSE TO LOSE!' mindset.

The chapters cover essential topics such as;

The History of the Navy SEALS
The Journey – Becoming a Navy SEAL
Hell Week
Mental Toughness
The Four Pillars of Mental Toughness
Fear (And how to control it)
Confidence and Self-Confidence
Setting Goals
Preparation and Practice
Physical Training
The SEAL Mindset
SEAL Interviews
How to Take Action!

This book delivers proven Navy SEAL strategies and techniques you can use to unleash your potential and live the life you desire. It can serve as the spark that ignites a white-hot flame of mental toughness and self-confidence!

Invest in your future.

Buy this book and start your journey!

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