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Website Designer "A Website That Works For You" Publishes Advice Pack to Address the Number One Question Asked by Small Business: "How Can I Come Up First in Google?"


Since the launch of this advice pack, hundreds of business owners have been educated and are now on the path to gaining more results from their website.

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

"Most of the time, business owners are missing the point... they think a high ranking in Google is the answer to all of their sales problems when it simply isn't enough! There's a barrier between the assumptions small businesses make with websites and what's actually required to get a result... and its costing them thousands!" said Tim, founder of A Website That Works For You.

When asked how businesses fall into this trap, Tim continued:

"The problem is, while they're so fixed on what they want and who can do it at the cheapest price, in most cases they haven't actually explored what's going to give them the result they actually need or what their actual expectations are.

After a while, they realize know one is actually calling or buying from their website and that's when they come to us and ask, 'How can I come up first in Google?'"

A very large portion of A Website That Works For You clients already tried to get a website somewhere else but didn't get the leads or sales they were looking for. Often, they didn't get any at all.

Tim explained; "There are more things to focus on then just high search engine rankings.

Firstly, while a high search engine ranking is great, if a website is not designed for conversions then the ranking will still most likely deliver no leads or sales.

So before even getting to the topic of "more traffic," they need to consider what they actually want from their website? It may be more leads or it may be online transactions.

Either way, its important to establish one desired action for their visitors to take.

For example, this may be specifically having users submit their details in a form to request a quote.

Secondly, they need to work out where any resistance lies. This can be done by asking themself, 'If I came to the website, what would stop me from making an enquiry or purchasing that product?' In some cases it may be something as simple as needing to see photos of the product, or maybe these prospects need to see some testimonials before enquiring.

The third step is all about creating a relevant strong call to action and making it as easy as possible for the visitor to complete their desired action. The more steps involved in completing the desired action, the less likely visitors are to do so.

Finally, they need to minimize distractions on the website that don't add value and encourage the visitor to take action.

These four steps are a part of the concept called "the path of least resistance" which is applied to websites to increase their conversion rate and get more leads and sales with less traffic.

Often when business owners tell their website designer exactly how they want their website to look, it involved but fancy but useless image slides and animations and nearly 80% of the time, this is enough to distract user and less conversions happen. It doesn't mean they can't make it look good, but everything must be inline with helping website visitors take the desired action."

When business owners understand this or their website designer works with them to implement all of above, only then is it time to look at search engines and work on getting the newly designed conversion website to have a high ranking."

Interestingly, Google Trends data shows that as the increase for "DIY Websites" increase, so does the the amount of searches for "Coffee".

"As a business owner you can add another stress to your day and drink more coffee while trying to direct your web design company and usually not get a result... or talk to A Website That Works For You and relax and focus on what matters to you most... running your business." Says Tim.

A copy of the Free Website Advice Pack can be obtained by visiting or by requesting more information on website solutions from A Website That Works For You.

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