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Gail Giovanniello Pilates Master Teacher UES NYC Introduces Pilates "Helper Straps" - Invention of Joseph Pilates Protege Kathy Grant - to Mind Your Body Fitness New York


With a new Pilates prop and fresh Pilates wisdom garnered from a recent excursion to Denver, Gail Giovanniello, Pilates NYC educator brings the Pilates Helper Straps to her studio Mind Your Body Fitness on the Upper East Side of New York City. The helper straps give students assistance in balance and co-ordination, granting the arms a connection to the back to better perform challenging spinal-articulation movements and exercises.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

Gail Giovanniello, a Pilates NYC master teacher, has studied extensively with the pupils of two protoges of Joseph Pilates - she is aligned with the teachers who studied directly with the master and who pass on his lineage of wisdom in their trainings. In December Gail traveled to Denver to study for the third time with Cara Reeser as part of the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program. This particular training focused on Reeser's passing on of Kathy Grant's sole invention of "helper straps" - devices that attach to the bars of the Cadillac - to assist people in learning how to perform difficult Pilates exercises more efficiently.

The straps give people leverage and balance to help center the body so that the arms and legs can co-ordinate to perform challenging spinal movements. Gail brought back both the straps and the information on how to use them. She is now making the strap-work available in private sessions and will soon offer a special in-house training at which she will make helper straps for each attendee who comes to learn how to use them.

The helper straps are simple stretchy lengths of material with loops sewn at both ends to attach to the bars of the Cadillac and for the hands to slip through. The palms of the hands press down through the loops so that the straps lend even balance to either side of the body. As well, the palms can press downwards and reach outwards to gain arm-to-back-to-spine connection. This grants the ability for the back muscles to buoyantly lift the ribs off the pelvis and gain access to the entire abdominal structure. Practicing with the helper straps is slightly akin to using training wheels to learn how to find balance on a bicycle.

See a short video: Pilates UES Kathy Grant's Helper Straps at Mind Your Body

With the body being less overwhelmed with using tension just to remain upright in difficult balancing exercises, core and back strength may be slowly built while performing difficult movements so that eventually the body gains not only the confidence to balance, but the powerhouse support to maintain ease which eventually affects posture and sports performance.

Pilates educator Gail Giovanniello has owned and managed Mind Your Body Fitness for over eighteen years and consistently offers in-house trainings to her staff as well as any client who wishes a deeper understanding of their Pilates practice.

Gail also offers Pilates Teacher Training which covers Pre-Pilates, Cadillac, Reformer, Chair and Barrels.

For more detailed information on upcoming teacher trainings and in-house continuing education or for more information on customized-to-the-client private Pilates sessions with Gail Giovanniello or her fine staff of instructors, please call Mind Your Body at 212-426-7960.

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