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Colordarcy - The Orlando Real Estate Boom Nobody Saw Coming


Colordarcy highlight the latest Zillow data which reveals that property prices increased by 5.9% overall in Orlando in 2012, however there are micro markets within Orlando that grew considerably more including Metro West.

(PRWEB UK) 25 February 2013

Colordarcy are keen to highlight that the sought-after Metro West region saw property prices increase by 21% year-on-year, which was significantly higher than the average for Orlando as a whole.

The keys to property investment success according to Colordarcy is having the vision to see the potential for growth in a location when others don't. It is only two years since Florida was written off as an investment location, however, times have changed.

Loxley McKenzie, Managing Director of Colordarcy said, “Nobody expected Florida's property market to recover quite as strongly as it has done, however those who did see the potential a year ago will be sitting back and enjoying watching the value of their investment take-off."

The speed of recovery in Florida has caught most observers by surprise. It was already becoming well-known that Florida's property market had hit bottom towards the end of 2011, yet it is the speed of this recovery that has now captured everyone's attention and left us all wondering, how high will prices rise and for how long?

According to Colordarcy the danger of investing in Florida property has now passed and has been replaced by an opportunity to invest in property located in micro markets that are rising by more than 21% year-on-year.

McKenzie added, “It is not often I see anything like this level of home price inflation in any location let alone in an area that had suffered badly from falling prices during the US property crash. Even in the best locations elsewhere in the world, property investors would be lucky to see 10% growth in 12 months.”

Colordarcy analysts say that waiting may not be the best approach in a location that is taking off this fast.

The best locations in Orlando are currently in high demand, particularly from foreign investors looking for bargains as well as US cash buyers. Last year's dramatic increase in property prices can only mean one thing, property was undervalued.

As the market rebounded this has led to the dramatic increase seen in regions like Metro West according to Colordarcy, making it one of the best locations to invest in the US in 2013.

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Colordarcy is a leading property investment company that specialises in finding positive cash flow investment properties worldwide. Colordarcy investment property portfolio includes some of the best properties for sale in Brazil, Florida, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

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