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Organic Advocate Praises Australian Health Organisations' Joint Initiative


Organic Angels owners Scott and Sarah Butler have praised the recent joint health initiative aimed at Australia's rising obesity and diabetes crises.

Melbourne, Victoria (PRWEB) February 25, 2013

Three of Australia's leading health organisations recently released recommendations and launched a new television campaign to tackle soft drink overconsumption.

Calling for immediate action, the Cancer Council, Diabetes Australia and the National Heart Foundation of Australia have jointly targeted governments, schools and non-government organisations such as sport centres to tackle our excessive consumption of sugary drinks - one of the key contributors to obesity in Australia.

The campaign reveals that an average 600ml sugar-sweetened soft drink contains approximately 16 packs of sugar.

Also, based on US estimates, consuming one can of soft drink per day could lead to a weight gain of up to 6.75 kg in one year.

The Butlers believe this public campaign is long-overdue, and reinforces the choices that they and many of their Organic Angels customers have made for the wellbeing of themselves and their families.

The Butlers applaud the work of the Cancer Council, Diabetes Australia and the National Heart Foundation and agree it's time for Australians to rethink sugary drinks.

SCOTT BUTLER - Co-owner and Founder of Organic Angels with wife Sarah Butler:

"This is a long-overdue campaign - the Cancer Council, Diabetes Australia and National Heart Foundation are to be applauded for tackling such an important issue.

"I think most Australians already know about the harm excessive amounts of sugar can cause, but this campaign really hits home with facts like 16 packs of sugar in one soft drink.

"It really highlights how easy it is for our sugar consumption to get out of control.

"We certainly aren't anti sugar, but we are well aware of the amount of refined sugar in many products, especially soft drinks.

"Cutting down our soft drink intake is a simple way to dramatically improve our health. It's time for Australians to make better choices for themselves.

"Whenever possible, we tend towards less refined products and choose fresh unprocessed options for our family.

"Organic and raw produce offer many easy and satisfying alternatives to the sugar-fuelled health threat currently facing many Australians.
"Water, milk and moderate amounts of fresh fruit and vegetable juice are all excellent substitutes.

"Reducing Australian's soft drink overconsumption and promoting healthier dietary choices will have a big positive impact on our nation's long-term health."

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ORGANIC ANGELS is an award winning, Melbourne-based organic food delivery service.

Scott and Sarah Butler are advocates of Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Families and Healthy Communities. Strong believers in simple and achievable healthy choices for our diet, exercise, and environment, the Butlers are passionate about raising community awareness on important health and environmental issues.

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