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Singer-songwriter Ivana Van Der Veen Tops The BEAT100 Original Music Video Chart


Twenty-year-old Ivana Van Der Veen, based in the The Netherlands, topped the fortnightly BEAT100 Originals Music Video Chart with her original song and video, “Rain”.

(PRWEB) February 24, 2013

Twenty-year-old Ivana Van Der Veen, based in the The Netherlands, topped the fortnightly BEAT100 Originals Music Video Chart with her original song and video, “Rain”. The entry received two BEAT100 Silver Awards for her well-written original song and high quality video, which was directed, filmed and edited by Ivana herself. Ivana also received a Gold Most Viewed Award, for being the most viewed video in a week, and overall received over 16,000 views in just two weeks. Her supportive fans helped Ivana reach the top spot through votes, resulting in over 3,000 votes by the end of the chart competition.

The young talent has been writing and releasing music and videos since the age of 14, and has since built up a massive musical repertoire. In October 2012, Ivana made her radio debut and continues to be played on several radio stations across The Netherlands. The following year, Ivana was given the chance to perform at Paradiso Amsterdam, NL, which truly launched her career as a musician. “On that day, I was certain that performing is what I wanted to do,” says Ivana. “I am so excited that I came number one in the BEAT100 chart! I think it's a great site.” Ivana continues to work hard, in order to reach her ultimate goal of being a successful musician, and will continue to network with her fans.

Second place in the BEAT100 Originals Music Video Chart was taken by progressive rock band, The Reverent Souls. The Pink Floyd influenced band received a Gold Song Award, Gold Video Award and Gold Favourite Award from BEAT100, on their original track and video, “The Broken Youth”, for their overall impressive music video qualities. This landed The Reverent Souls 650 bonus votes from BEAT100, along with several votes from their supportive fan base both on and off BEAT100. The band overall received just over 2,000 votes and 9,000 views on their entry, as well as excellent feedback and comments from fellow users. “We have definitely enjoyed our BEAT100 experience so far, and it has definitely grown our fan base in only a short time,” says Ørjan Andreas Karlsen, the lead vocalist and guitarist of The Reverent Souls. “The results and goals are tangible and within reach, so we are excited for what else it has to offer.”

After being founded by Ørjan and Jan Henrik, guitarist, in December 2011, the band then grew exponentially, and eventually because a six-piece band made up of Ørjan Andreas Karlsen (lead vocals/guitar), Jan Henrik (guitar), Kietil Detlie (guitar), Lasse Pedersen (bass), Stein Skorstad (keyboard) and Tory Raugstad (drums). The band have been working on their music in a studio and have recently released an EP, titled “Give With Your Heart”, which received fantastic reviews and recognition from local newspapers and magazines. The Reverent Souls' BEAT100 entry, “The Broken Youth”, was also announced as one of the best 25 music videos of 2012 in a competition, alongside artists, such as Rihanna, Green Day and Coldplay.

Fourteen-year-old Natalie Tuvey, from Yorkshire, England, reached the top three for the second time with her original song, “Stronger This Time”. The young singer-songwriter received two BEAT100 Gold Awards for her well-written song and impressive performance qualities, which resulted in Natalie receiving 400 bonus votes on her track. With over 1,500 likes on Facebook, Natalie's fan base, both on and off BEAT100, helped her reach the third spot in the chart, resulting in over 2,000 overall votes. The young singer has just under 1 million overall views on her YouTube channel and he fan base is forever growing, thanks to her immense talent for someone so young. “I have really enjoyed the experience on BEAT100 and have met some amazing people and artists,” says Natalie.

Since Natalie's previous win, she has finished writing her first debut album and will be releasing the tracks in the summer of 2013. Along with this, Natalie has begun writing tracks for her second album and has been performing her tracks across the UK, including gigs in Chelsea, London. The Jessie J influenced singer has been working hard to receive the recognition she deserves, and recently received a personal letter from the House of Commons, commending Natalie for writing a song, called “Don't Cry”, and for donating the proceeds to charity.

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