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Solutions From Science Offers Insight into Backup Power Solutions in Case of a Blackout


With more than 650,000 Americans losing power during Winter Storm Nemo, Solutions from Science offers insight into backup power options through their website,

(PRWEB) February 11, 2013

The crazy weather patterns in 2012 and the start of 2013 have forced the hand of millions of Americans to search for backup power alternatives. Hurricane Sandy showcased Americans rushing to gas stations and waiting in line for hours to get five gallons of gasoline just to keep their generators running a few hours. USA Today reported that the most recent Winter Storm Nemo crippled over 650,000 Americans as they lost power. Solutions From Science looks to educate the general public on the advantages of solar energy through their website

A January 6th headline on CNN read, “America isn't ready for superstorms” and reported that “superstorms are a new breed of weather that put lives and cities in the eye of their fury.” In the article, Stephen Flynn, founding co-director of the George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security, reported, “In recent years, the backlog of maintenance, repair, and needed upgrades has only continued to grow, leaving us with aging infrastructure that is more and more brittle.”

In a report produced by Dr. Massoud Amin of the University of Minnesota he stated, “According to data assembled by the U .S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) for most of the past decade, there were 156 outages of 100 megawatts or more during 2000-2004; such outages increased to 264 during 2005-2009. The number of U.S. power outages affecting 50,000 or more consumers increased from 149 during 2000-2004 to 349 during 2005-2009, according to EIA.”

Bill Heid, president of Solutions From Science says, “Through this website ( we are looking to educate people on the vast amount of solar energy advantages. More and more people are looking for generators that do not require gasoline. They don't want to wait in line at gas stations when they could be at home with their families. These solar generators give our customers the peace of mind of having power and not having to store gasoline or get gasoline when they run out. This is just one of the many advantages of solar backup energy.”

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