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A Survivalist Perspective on the Super Bowl Blackout and an Aging Power Grid Covered by Off The Grid News


Off The Grid News releases an article discussing the current state of the electrical grid and blackout which occurred during Super Bowl XLVII. The article offers a survivalist or limited government perspective on the push for smart grids as a result of the Super Bowl blackout.

Thomson, IL (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

In a recent report published by Nielsen, over 108 million Americans witnessed the thirty-four minute blackout that occurred during Super Bowl XLVII. Brad Plumer of the Washington Post pointed out that conservatives were quick to offer up the thought that a “smart grid” could have prevented the blackout. In an article recently published by Off The Grid News, they offer their opinion on the “smart grid” concept from a “limited government” perspective.

In the article, Tony Belha takes a look at the blackout that occurred during Super Bowl XLVII. He argues that the electrical infrastructure should see regular maintenance and support through proper calculation, similar to the way roadways and other infrastructures are maintained.

“We have been in the business advocating renewable backup power for years. Our company founder, Bill Heid had the foresight to see that the current electrical grid is decaying. The amount of power consumption is growing and for the most part the grid is not being updated,” says Belha.

“Money is spent on roadways and other forms of infrastructure. The power grid is an electrical infrastructure. When will we see power companies spending money to make necessary improvements? Smart meters and a smart grid are a lazy attempt to make improvements. [Power companies] should not have control over the amount of power we can or cannot use.”

Brad Scriber of National Geographic News released an investigative article, launching into the cause of the Super Bowl XLVII blackout. The energy company responsible for providing energy to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Entergy, announced that their service to the stadium had not been interrupted and that the problem was on “the customer's side.”

Also in Scriber's article he cites an interview with James L. Kirtley Jr., professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kirtley equates what could have caused the blackout at the stadium to overloading a circuit in your home and tripping the breaker which would cause anything plugged in on that circuit to lose power.

Belha also interviewed Naperville Smart Meter Awareness advocate, Jennifer Stahl, less than twenty-four hours after she was released from police custody for peacefully advocating against a smart meter being installed on her home. This coupled with his recent article on Off The Grid News titled, “Super Bowl Blackouts and an Aging Power Grid” have laid the groundwork for the beliefs shared by Off The Grid News.

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