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Dr. Buonassisi Discusses the Special Considerations for Teens Considering Cosmetic Surgery.


With his discussion, Dr. Buonassisi suggests to make sure that it is done only under expert guidance and knowledge or it becomes an issue. most people are unaware of the fact that candidates considering Rhinolasty and are under the age of 18 years must have their parent's approval.

Vancouver, Canada (PRWEB) February 04, 2013

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Buonassisi has extensive experience working teens who request cosmetic surgery - most commonly nose job surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgery performed on people under the age of 18, along with otoplasty (ear pinning). The decision to have cosmetic surgery should be made with the utmost level of care and attention - especially when a teen is involved. So as a parent, what can be done to help them? Dr. Buonassisi presents the key considerations that teens and their families should consider carefully. Its growing popularity among the youth but lack of knowledge is a matter of concern and this is where an expert advice is needed. With his discussion, Dr. Buonassisi suggests to make sure that it is done only under expert guidance and knowledge or it becomes an issue. most people are unaware of the fact that candidates considering Rhinolasty and are under the age of 18 years must have their parent's approval.

Why do most teens request Rhinoplasty?

Typically they have a very prominent nose that detracts attention away from the rest of their face. Their nose can be so out of proportion with their other facial features that they feel it is the first thing that people see when they meet them. They are understandably self-conscious and nervous about being seen at certain angles, often spending much time trying to position themselves at a good angle. They may have inherited this prominent nasal feature from a parent. If this is the case, the parents are often supportive of their teen having surgery. Some of these patients have been bullied in the past, and others believe they would feel an increased sense of self confidence if their nose was more in balance with the rest of their face. Teens who have a prominent nasal feature that can be improved with nose surgery - and who have the proper expectations of what a nose job will do for them - may be good candidates for the procedure.

Unfortunately, bullying is more common that any of us would like to admit. Many of my young patients describe a history of being teased about their nose. Cosmetic surgery is not a solution for bullying, but if the teen is otherwise well adjusted and meets the other criteria for being a good candidate for surgery, surgery might be appropriate. My patients who have had very large noses toned down describe an increases sense of self confidence.

Teens requesting a very small change (perhaps they are extremely bothered by a featured that others including the surgeon see as quite minor) may not be good candidates for surgery. They may be focusing on a nose that is actually quite appropriate for them because of poor self-esteem or other emotional issues.

Is the teen old enough for Rhinoplasty?

The nasal anatomy needs time to fully form, and there are minimum age recommendations for rhinoplasty. The American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive surgery outlines that rhinoplasty surgery is safe once the nasal anatomy is developed – for girls age 15 and over, and boys age 16 and older. Dr. Buonassisi assesses each candidate carefully and patients under the age of 18 must have parental consent in order to proceed with surgery.

Is the teen mature enough for cosmetic surgery?

Even though a patient may be physically developed by the age of 15 or 16, they may not be emotionally appropriate. Dr. Buonassisi assesses each teen carefully to ensure they have the proper expectations of surgery. A nose job is going to change their nose - not their life. Patients must also be mature enough to understand the risks of surgery and be engaged in the process of carefully evaluating their options and alternatives.

Whose idea is it?

Having surgery should be the teen's idea - not the parent's. Dr. Buonassisi assesses each family to ensure that it is the teen who has initiated the process.

How can the parent best help in the process?

Dr. Buonassisi emphasizes the importance of family support. He requests that at least one of the parents, if not both, attend the consultation and is actively engaged in the process. Parents and other siblings can give input into the important decision of how much of a change to make - it is advisable to have support and feedback from family members in the lead up to surgery, and during the recovery period.

Can the teen wait to have this procedure? Can you plan so no school is missed?
Most teens are anxious to “fix” their nose, but waiting until they are older (and, perhaps, more comfortable with/confident with themselves) is always the best option when it comes to any type of cosmetic surgery. If waiting is not an option and the teen can demonstrate that they have carefully considered the decision for some time, then plan carefully: select a surgery date over spring or summer break when school won't be missed.

Help with research and attend the consultations.

If the teen absolutely cannot wait until they are older to get a nose job, help them do research to select surgeons that specialize in rhinoplasty and have a good process in place for managing teens and their families. Help them learn about the risks and benefits of surgery. Attend the consultation and help them evaluate the quality of the discussion with the surgeon.

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