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Hasbro Revolutionizes Marble Battling Action with the Introduction of New B-DAMAN Toy Line


The action and excitement of marble shootouts is back in 2013 with the B-DAMAN line from Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) under license from d-rights and with development and manufacturing assistance from TakaraTomy. Unveiled at the American International Toy Fair in New York, characters and battlefields featured in the upcoming B-DAMAN television series come to life in toy and digital form as kids choose which figure's personality and fighting style best represents them in the heat of fast-paced B-DAMAN battles. Whether players want to hone their rapid-fire, power, or precision skills in solo play against B-DAMAN targets or advance to competition level with fellow battlers in engaging arenas, B-DAMAN play allows for kids to create their own set of rules and games for an almost endless amount of challenges.

Players must master power, speed and precision to keep up with the frenetic marble shooting play in  ...

Players must master power, speed and precision to keep up with the frenetic marble shooting play in the B-DAMAN BREAK BOMBER BATTLEFIELD arena, unveiled by Hasbro at the 110th American International Toy Fair. The B-DAMAN product line launches in the fall of 2013. (Photo: Business Wire)

The new B-DAMAN line of toys will also offer a platform that connects physical toys with the digital world for a complete, unified experience. Players will be able to scan any B-DAMAN figure via the B-DAMAN app on their mobile devices (available this fall for Android & Apple devices; see app descriptions on iTunes and Google Play for device requirements) and the app will recognize the figure and allow the user to choose a figure to transform into the digital experience. Each figure also comes with a code card that includes a 14 digit numerical code. Users will be able to enter the code manually in app or online to unlock virtual B-DAMAN figures; get access to exclusive digital content on and in the app. Whether physical or digital, the B-DAMAN experience allows kids to battle opponents from around the world live almost anywhere at any time!

“With its line of BEYBLADE tops, Hasbro has become a leader in the action battling category and we're thrilled to be working with d-rights to deliver fast paced, character driven marble battling based on the B-DAMAN brand and entertainment,” said Derryl DePriest, Vice President Global Marketing, Hasbro. “The digital experience we've built into each B-DAMAN figure continues to drive innovation and will bring the battling play to a new level.”

“Hasbro has helped turn our BEYBLADE brand into a global phenomenon with its line of battling tops,” said Daizo Suzuki, President, d-rights. “We're excited to work with them on the new B-DAMAN experience and deliver the next big thing in competitive battling play.”

The B-DAMAN animated series is anticipated to air in the U.S. beginning in September. The B-DAMAN toy line launches in August of 2013 in the U.S. and highlights from the line follow:

B-DAMAN Figure

(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $8.99/Available: Fall 2013)

Bring the attitude of B-DAMAN characters alive with the B-DAMAN figures. Each figure is based on Season 1 B-DAMAN CROSSFIRE TV programming and embodies one of three different fighting styles including power, rapid-fire, or precision so players can pick and change their shooting strategy every time they play. Collect all eight figures and perfect your skills or create unique obstacle courses for a completely new challenge! Each item in the assortment includes one B-DAMAN figure, one target, two marbles (one deco marble) and one tool. Each sold separately.

B-DAMAN Figure with Accessory

(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $12.99/Available: Fall 2013)

Rule any battlefield with these enhanced B-DAMAN figures. Each item includes one B-DAMAN figure, two marbles (one deco marble), one tool, two targets and a unique accessory for advanced shooting performance. Watch marbles whiz through the Lightning Dravise figure's tornado magazine or attach the grip barrel to the Strike Cobra figure for extra accuracy behind every shot. The deluxe figure assortment features three different B-DAMAN characters with 3 unique accessories, each sold separately.

B-DAMAN Two Packs

(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Fall 2013)

Everything you need to start your B-DAMAN battle experience! Each pack includes two B-DAMAN figures, four marbles, and two targets! Engage in a B-DAMAN battle against your friend, or use the target to hone your rapid-fire and speed skills! Two different B-DAMAN Two Packs are available, each sold separately.

B-DAMAN Ultimate Packs

(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Fall 2013)

Everything you need to assemble your ultimate B-DAMAN! Each Ultimate Pack includes a B-DAMAN figure, three accessory pieces, two marbles, and a target! Accessories include Stabilizer Supports, Straight Barrel Shooters, Twin Magazine Loaders, and other cool add-ons to enhance the power of your B-DAMAN figures! Two different B-DAMAN Ultimate Packs are available, each with different accessories and each sold separately.


(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Fall 2013)

A steady hand and masterful shots are the only way to claim the title of B-DAMAN champ in the SURGE STRIKE arena. In a head-to-head battle players pick a side and aim at the target in the center of the arena. The goal is to hit five of the power push rods to push them towards their opponent's territory where they'll drop into a locked position, and interfere with outbound shots. The first to lock three of the rods completely to the other side wins! The SURGE STRIKE arena includes completely enclosed arena walls, 6 marbles (1 deco marble) and 1 target play set.


(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Fall 2013)

Test accuracy and speed with a series of rapid marble attacks in the VERTIGO SPIN arena. In a head-to-head battle players will have to stay calm and collected as they shoot at the target in the center of the arena and try to knock their marbles out before their opponent. The first to get all three of their marbles out of the target wins the game and claims B-DAMAN victory! To keep players on their toes, the center target spins when one of its side fins are hit. Set includes completely enclosed arena walls, 6 marbles (1 deco marble) and 1 target play set.


(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 2013)

Players must master power, speed and precision to keep up with the frenetic marble shooting play in the B-DAMAN BREAK BOMBER BATTLEFIELD arena, featured prominently in the B-DAMAN Season 1 TV series. Players start on opposite sides as they shoot at the rows of blocks in the center of the arena. Blasting away yellow blocks reveal red blocks. The player that blasts three out of five red blocks into the opponents' territory wins. Set includes one deluxe target play set with 25 blocks, completely enclosed arena walls, two B-DAMAN figures, two B-DAMAN Wide Magazine Accessory pieces and 16 marbles.


B-DAMAN is TOMY Company, Ltd's original toy brand first launched in Japan in 1993. With B-DAMAN, TOMY has brought a new level of innovation and excitement to the traditional game of marbles. Through collaboration with TOMY's global partners including d-rights and Hasbro, B-DAMAN has become a battle-action toy and entertainment brand loved by children in more than 30 countries around the world, with cumulative worldwide sales approaching 100 million units.

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