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Depression - Insomnia? Doctors Are Now Prescribing THIS Natural Supplement


Soon To Be On Your Prescription: How 5-HTP Will Make You Sleep Better and Feel Better.

Recent reports indicate that more doctors are now prescribing 5-HTP supplements instead of standard antidepressants for patients suffering from depression. But why are doctors replacing drugs like Prozac and Zoloft with a natural supplement?

What else do doctors prescribe 5-HTP for?

5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid extracted from plants especially the seeds of Griffonia simplicifolia, a West African climbing shrub.

5-HTP is a direct precursor of serotonin, therefore, any disorder caused by serotonin deficiency can be treated with this supplement.

By increasing the production of serotonin in the brain, 5-HTP can boost general mood, improve the length and quality of sleep, relieve anxiety and reduce appetite. This means that 5-HTP supplements are effective for the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders and insomnia. It is also a weight loss supplement and it can provide pain relief for those suffering from chronic headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Different studies have confirmed the many medicinal benefits of 5-HTP.

These studies also showed that this natural supplement was just as effective as standard antidepressants while causing fewer side effects.In one study involving a group of 63 patients suffering from depression, 5-HTP was found to be just as effective as fluvoxamine, a standard antidepressant commonly prescribed by doctors.

Also, the patients who received 5-HTP experienced milder and fewer side effects than the fluvoxamine group.

In another study, patients who took 200 – 400 mg of 5-HTP at night went to sleep faster and slept longer than those who took placebo. As a weight loss supplement, 5-HTP was proven to improve satiety and reduce appetite.

Studies show that those who take 5-HTP eat fewer calories not because they are dieting but because they have less craving for food.

As more studies confirm the medicinal benefits of 5-HTP and highlight its safety, doctors are finally turning to 5-HTP supplements to help their patients get better.

David Jay Brown of Life Enhancement interviewed a number of doctors who are improving their patients' conditions with 5-HTP. In his report, Dr. Alexander Cardoux practicing in Tucson, Arizona said he preferred prescribing the supplement for his insomniac patients. He praised the short half-life of 5-HTP. A short half-life means that the supplement is quickly used up in the body and does not cause day-time sleepiness.

Oz Garcia of Personal Best, a nutritional consultancy in New York also regularly prescribed 5-HTP as a sleep aid.

Dr. Paul Wehrum, Sr. of Cleveland, Ohio used 5-HTP to improve the results of the weight loss drug, phentermine.

Dr. Dennis Sievers, a chiropractor practicing in Fairfax, Virginia claimed 5-HTP was exceptionally effective for his fibromyalgia patients.

Dr. Arthur LaBruce of Charleston, South Carolina has only recently started prescribing 5-HTP for his patients but highly praised its effectiveness in the treatment of depression and insomnia. 

Even as more doctors turn to 5-HTP, a lot more patients are learning about this affordable, effective and well-tolerated natural supplement and how it can help them overcome depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraine and obesity. 

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