Confio Ignite Performance Monitoring Software Improves Embraer's Oracle Database Environment

Boulder, Colo., January 7, 2013 – One of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Embraer, is using Ignite 8 database performance monitoring from Confio Software, the company announced today. São Paulo, Brazil-based Embraer is using Ignite to help it manage performance of its Oracle Standard Edition (SE) database.
Embraer's use of Ignite allows the enterprise to continue to use Oracle SE, even without Oracle Tuning and Diagnostic Packs, which are included in the more costly Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE). Because Ignite is a full-featured solution that monitors and analyzes Oracle SE database performance, companies can have all the performance monitoring benefits of EE while still using the more cost-efficient Oracle SE. Ignite is the one monitoring solution that identifies, analyzes and resolves all of the performance problems affecting applications and users allowing DBAs to build a complete picture of the database performance.
'In several cases we were able to act on issues presented by the application before it became a issue, without bothering our end-user,' said José Maria Marin Galeano, database administrator for Embraer. 'The navigation tips and the issues hints are specially valuables in daily activities.'
In addition to its primary use in the Oracle SE environment, Embraer also uses Ignite to help monitor its Microsoft SQL Server databases. Embraer was able to consolidate its monitoring and better align the company's database services with various IT departments because Ignite shows the same metrics for all the DBMS environments.
'As a global company with massive operations, Embraer has no room for technology errors, which is why database performance is a critical issue,' said Bryan Applegate, senior account executive for Confio. 'By working with our partner Mainwork, we were able to show the benefits of Ignite to Embraer and how it can help improve cost efficiency as well as DBA resources. As a result, Embraer has the tools its needs to help ensure its Oracle and Microsoft databases continue to support the business.'
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