Spoon Radio Offers Mobile App

Switzerland - Spoon Radio, a commercial free online radio station, offers Internet programming as well as a mobile app featuring the best of rock music. 

From old time hits to current trendy sounds and in-between, people listen to the radio for many different reasons. Most everyone enjoys hearing their favorite music. Rock music fans in particular can have varied tastes, since rock music encompasses so many different aspects. For example, the basis of rock was formed by the blues. Because of this, the material always has a soulful quality, regardless of whether it was produced in the early 1950s when rock began - or in present day times. 

Ever since the radio was first invented over one hundred years ago, people have listened to it while driving, at home, at work and at play. Radio is so versatile, particularly this one - since it is available from any Internet connection at any time or at any place. 

Listening to traditional radio stations can be challenging at times because there is often inadequate reception and it also takes some time to hunt for the right types of music. Formats change regularly in radio land and not much is consistent. 

Internet radio has many benefits over traditional radio stations. Spoon Radio is easy to program into any mobile device or computer. From cell phones to PDAs, pads and MP3 players with Internet access, it is easy to bookmark the site so that it can be accessed immediately. 

Unlike some other Internet radio stations, Spoon Radio does not require that listeners download all kinds of applications that can be confusing. Nor is it necessary to install special music player software prior to listening to its wide and extensive rock music collection. 

Finding the station is just one click away. Once you land on Spoonradio.com, simply click the play link and it will instantly begin. From there listeners will find that the mini player allows for rock music fans to enjoy all of their favorite rock music, commercial free - all while surfing the web. 

Spoon's new mobile app allows rock fans around the globe to access all of their favorite music from wherever they happen to be. Commuters and travelers of all types can enjoy commercial free pure rock music any time they like. One of the best features is that in real time, users can send comments and requests to the station's DJs. For those so inclined, Spoon Radio also connects to iTunes and Amazon stores to purchase their favorite tunes.  

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