2013 Tax Law Changes Need Expert Financial Planning for Both Personal and Business Related Taxes

(Dallas, Texas) --- Expert tax planning is essential to minimize the impact of sweeping tax law changes that go into effect this year when 'Taxmageddon 2013' arrives to hit taxpayers hard, and on multiple levels. The complexity of the anticipated tax law changes is prompting a flurry of activity at the Dallas office of business owner Holly C. Roundtree, a Dallas CPA with more than 26 years of experience in tax preparation for individuals and businesses.

Taxpayers, looking for ways to save as much as possible and start planning now for the tax changes, are increasingly turning to tax veterans like Roundtree, who is well-versed on the ins-and-outs of the more than two dozen tax law changes that will take effect.
A woman-owned business run by an all-female staff, Holly C. Roundtree, CPA, specializes in both individual and small business accounting, providing tax preparation and financial planning services for more than 500 clients each year. This year, however, has been anything but typical as the Dallas tax planning expert Roundtree closely monitors the 2013 tax law changes and runs projections that demonstrate to clients the impact that these new taxes could have on their finances.
'Many taxpayers aren't aware of the significant changes in store for the 2013 tax year and how those changes will affect every paycheck,' Roundtree said. 'Our job is to understand how the changes affect each person differently, no matter how complex their tax situation or what income bracket they fall into.'
Ordinary income tax rates, for example, are increasing for most individual taxpayers for the first time in more than a decade. Because some of the additional taxes are subtle and can only be spotted by a professional tax preparer, tax planning should start now.
Other changes include adjustments to the self-employment tax and key changes regarding tax exemptions and reductions that affect millions of American taxpayers. It also has become more difficult to qualify for the medical and dental expense deductible.
Adjustments to the student loan interest deduction and decreases in dependent care tax credits and childcare tax credits will also affect tax filing, as will drastic changes affecting higher-income taxpayers, such as the estate and gift tax laws.
Sorting through the many tax laws and changes is no simple task, but Roundtree's highly-regarded expertise as a CPA allows her to provide effective strategies tailored specifically to help each client increase cash flow and ensure they get the most out of their tax return.
'We're here to put tax planning in plain English for our clients and help them make the best financial decisions possible,' Roundtree said. 'Every tax situation is highly specific to a particular individual or family, and planning opportunities should be thoughtfully integrated into each financial plan before the end of the year.'

About Holly C. Roundtree, Certified Public Accountant
Since Roundtree opened her business in 1986, the CPA in Dallas, Texas has prepared more than 13,000 tax returns for businesses and individuals and has experienced a steady increase in growth of 5 to 7 percent annually over the past 26 years. The Texas Tech University graduate owes the success of her business to her commitment to providing personalized service and strong attention to detail to meet the tax preparation needs of every client. Roundtree is a registered tax preparer with the IRS. Holly C. Roundtree, Certified Public Accountant, is located in north Dallas near the Galleria Mall. For more information, visit www.hcroundtreecpa.com or call (972) 404-4434

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