Helena Collins, Boston's Most Award-Winning Personal Trainer, - Advocates 'Nutritional Alignment' in New E-Book

BOSTON, Mass., January 3, 2013 – Helena Collins is Boston's most award-winning personal trainer, fitness entrepreneur and corporate consultant, assisting clients in changing and reshaping their bodies and their lives. Through her new e-book, 'Nutritional Alignment® (Living Your Life in Synergy)', she empowers readers to embrace her method for smart weight loss based on science and nutrition facts.

After its publication on Nov. 28, 2012, 'Nutritional Alignment' skyrocketed to Amazon's top 20 in the categories of nutrition, weight management, and weight loss. Reviewers have praised the 'great plan that makes sense' and 'holistic approach to health and happiness.' Another compares Collins to Deepak Copra, noting: '…You are not likely to make much progress with issues related to eating, fitness, and health if you do not train your brain to work on those issues. That is a very important aspect that is lacking in many other similar books.'

According to Collins, the key is finding balance. 'Nutritional Alignment' simplifies the mysteries of nutrition and exercise, teaching readers how to eat without dieting or running miles each day to achieve the body weight that feels best for them physically and emotionally.

'It is time to get off the treadmill of diet plans, stop moderating (whatever that means), and start living!' said Collins, noting that her own initial fitness and athletic training left her with chronic back, neck, and knee pain and overdeveloped muscles that made her feel self-conscious. The three philosophies she teaches in her Boston studio – Synergistics Fitness Method®, Mind in Synergy®, and Nutritional Alignment® – are the result of her subsequent intensive studies in the traditional sciences of physiology, psychology and nutrition, as well as meditation, spirituality, and Chinese medical theory.

'It is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle without starving or beating yourself up. There is a way to stop the roller coaster of emotions that fitness and health often bring,' Collins said. 'By living the 'Life in Synergy' way, women and men can look and feel hot on the inside and outside!'

About 'Nutritional Alignment® (Living Your Life in Synergy)'
Published by Life in Synergy Press, the e-book 'Nutritional Alignment® (Living Your Life in Synergy)' by Helena Collins is 522 KB and sold by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Collins, who is Boston's most award-winning personal trainer, fitness entrepreneur, and corporate consultant, is owner of the Life in Synergy Studio located at 867 Boylston St., Second Floor, Boston, MA 02116. For more information, call (617) 867-6500, e-mail info@lifeinsynergy.com, or visit www.lifeinsynergy.com

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