Mornington Peninsula Profit Coach Guarantees Increasing Revenue for Small to Medium Enterprises Using Revolutionary 3x5x7 Formula


VICTORIA, Australia December, 2012 – The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has brought many Australian and international companies, large and small, to their knees. Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), in particular, have suffered from the adverse effects of the GFC – and are still suffering to this day. SMEs are far more vulnerable to the whims of the market and a downturn economy, which is why local Mornington Peninsula profit coach developed a unique formula for sustainable business success to help small to medium enterprises ride the wave caused by the GFC and avoid sinking their business in the process.

Gerald Richards, Principal and Owner of 3x5x7 is Mornington Peninsula's profit coach and a Certified Practising Marketer who discovered a revolutionary way to increase profit and revenue using a unique platform which he has dubbed the '3x5x7 formula'. This formula holds very important information that is known across all platforms as being integral to sustainable small to medium enterprise success, but it gets these points across in a way that is uniquely easy to understand.

The 3x5x7 formula has the following components:

'Our number one goal is for the development of the people and the business,' says Mornington Peninsula profit coach Gerald Richards. 'We ask questions about our client's Marketing, Operations and Finance and what should be contained in each; we conduct a work environment analysis to test for communication, leadership, attitude, motivation and incentives, structure, objectives, and training.

  • 3 stands for the three elements of a business: Marketing, Operations, and Finance.
  • 5 represents the only five ways sales can be increased: Leads, Conversion, Average Sale, Frequency, and Price.
  • 7 refers to the only seven ways to improve profit and cash flow: Revenue, Cost of Sales, Overheads, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Stock/Work in Progress, and Price.
  • X is the multiplying effect of having everything integrated in sync.

'And we coach the individuals in our client's organisations to improve their competencies through our KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, and Habit) approach and generate revenue by developing strategies and training for increasing leads, conversions, average sale, frequency and pricing.'

Gerald's clients from his Mornington Peninsula profit coaching company 3x5x7  range from small local businesses to large international corporations. According to Gerald, 'If you want the theory, read the books. If you want results fast and without having to spend hours and hours researching, then contact us for increased revenue, improved profit and cash flow, motivated staff and greater competencies for wealth generation.'

Gerald and his team of business consultant professionals have trained, coached, and mentored personnel in a wide variety of businesses both in Australia and overseas, including many well-known large-scale organisations such as Gillette, who says of Gerald 'Presenter applied workings so we could relate to every day scenarios.'

More well-known brands give their opinion on the Mornington Peninsula profit coach and his unique formula for sustainable business success:
Professional Hair Care Products: 'Gerald's ideas and energy are adding $000s to our bottom line.'

Carpet Choice : "One of the best courses I've attended."

Holden Limited : "Good to see lots of practice and not too much theory."


MasterFoods : "Was very good. Will benefit all our sales team."

National Foods : "Role plays were very rewarding and learnt a lot from them."

Panasonic Australia : "Addressed at our level, very well presented and interactive."

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