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How to Maintain Home Safety and Security During a Power Outage-Tip Sheet by


Many thieves and criminals see a power outage as a perfect time to strike, because there is often chaos, darkness and a lack of protections. According to the security experts at, there are precautions that can be taken to ensure that safety is maintained, even during a power outage.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

Power outages are a very stressful time for most families, because a power outage means no modern conveniences, often limited resources and an inability to carry out daily activities. In addition to these problems associated with power outages, it can also be a time when criminals see homes and families as easy targets.

With the stress of a power outage, home security and safety concerns can go out the window for many families, but in fact, a power outage is a time when home security concerns should be a top priority.

The security experts at, a website providing wireless security system company reviews and reviews of the best cellular security system companies, created a list of tips to help avoid the security and safety risks associated with a power outage.

1.    For people with security systems, it's important to know how the systems will function during a power outage. Many of the best security systems, including most cellular home security systems, offer battery back-up options that will allow a system to work during a power outage. For homeowners that are unsure of an alarm system's capabilities, it's a good idea to contact the home security system company to clear up any questions. Also, even if a system has a battery back-up, it may only last for a certain number of hours, so for extended power outages, an alarm system may not be working, even if there is a battery back-up present.

2.    There are a number of do-it-yourself security options that are battery-powered and can be added to a home for added security during a power outage. Options include battery-powered door alarms and glass-break sensors.
3.    Never use devices such as generators, charcoal grills or camping stoves inside a home. When a home is cold and dark it can become tempting to use these items to prepare food or stay warm, but these create not only a fire risk but also a carbon monoxide risk. Any fuel-burning devices should only be used outside of the home.

4.    Consider installing solar-powered outdoor security lighting. One of the biggest reasons criminals strike during a power outage is because darkness is one of the best possible scenarios for a break-in. Criminals love to operate in the cover of darkness, so solar-powered outdoor lights can add lighting to a home, even during a power outage, which will likely deter a burglar from striking. Just as with traditionally wired outdoor lights, there are a range of solar-powered outdoor lighting options available, including motion-sensor lighting.

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