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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Announces Improved Prescription-only hCG Diet Plans in Four Easy-to-follow Phases


Diet Doc offers patients a four-phase, simple and sensible long term solution for fast weight loss.

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

Diet Doc's mission is to help dieters lose weight through unlimited support, guidance in making healthy food choices, and education about specific foods' fast weight loss reactions in the body. Their prescription only hCG diet plans offer all patients the opportunity to enjoy a future of improved health and are suitable and effective for those struggling to lose those difficult final 10 pounds or more than 100 pounds.

Here is how Diet Doc's prescription hCG diet plans work:

Upon calling Diet Doc, patients undergo an initial evaluation to assure that an hCG diet and nutrition plan is the most beneficial fast weight loss alternative. If the patient meets all criteria, physicians will prescribe hCG and ship the medication along with instructions nationwide. Diet Doc provides only 99.99% pure hCG treatments in injection, tablet, or oral drops forms, not homeopathic hCG. Regardless of the method of delivery, clients can expect to lose between 15-25 pounds of unwanted, unhealthy fat in the very first month. Phase 1 or the “loading” phase will continue for two days, focusing on "loading up" on high calories and high fat, spiking the dieter's metabolism. By loading up on calories, the dieter prepares the body for the stricter diet which will follow. This is the perfect time to begin a diet journal by recording weight and measurements each morning.

Phase 2 requires great commitment and discipline and begins on day 3 of the plan. The body will begin the keto-adaptation process, transitioning into its optimal fat burning mode. During this phase, the dieter may feel a bit tired and hungry with lower than normal energy. Remember that Diet Doc's team is available 6 days per week, offering unlimited support and guidance, helping each patient to experience a smooth transition into healthy and fast weight loss.

Phase 3 is the most rewarding phase as pounds and inches will noticeably disappear. Dieters will consume a low carbohydrate intake and a predetermined number of calories, which could range from 850-1250 daily. The duration is normally 1-3 months, although it may vary based on patient goals and metabolic capacity.

The final phase of the hCG diet plans protocol lasts between 3-4 weeks and is the most crucial phase. The dieter will discontinue the use of hCG and may reintroduce many food items, increasing daily caloric Intake back to a normal healthy range. Upon reaching Phase 4, the lifetime maintenance phase, all foods can be slowly added back into the diet, including starches and carbohydrates, but clients at this point have learned what it takes to lose weight fast and keep it off permanently.

Diet Doc prescription hCG diet plans are a proven safe, effective, and fast weight loss experience provided the patient adheres to the customized diet program. Diet Doc's goal is to provide each patient with the safest, highest quality product available on the market. The pharmaceutical manufacturing company, located in the U.S, manufactures 100% prescription grade hCG, implementing high quality standards for the manufacturing of all of Diet Doc's prescription required medications and supplements in strict accordance with the Food and Drug Administration.

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